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Found 18 results

  1. map update: 2019Q4 Full Europe now available
  2. Hallo! Ich habe das Avic-F930BT und würde mich freuen, wenn mir mal jemand helfen könnte! Ich habe anfangs die 3 Dateien auf der SD Karte. Stecke Sie ins Radio und muß dann mit beliebiger Taste bestätigen. Radio führt diesen Test durch und danch hole ich die SD Karte wieder raus.Nach dem Skript muß ich die Zündung ausmachen. Ist das richtig? Das Radio reagiert sonst auf keinen Tastendruck. Dann stecke ich die SD Karte in meinen PC und spiele das Kartenmaterial drauf. Immer wie in allen Foren beschriben aber ohne HEX da ich da nicht durchblicke. Habe aber schon ganz viele Cardinfo Dateien probiert. Stecke die SD Karte wieder ins Radio (Zündung ein und boot) oder Radio ist schon an aber nichts passiert, egal welche Dateien auf der SD sind. Es ist immer das gleiche. Er erkennt nicht mal eine SD Karte. Auch schon verschiedene probiert! Von 4 bis 32GB. Was kann ich noch tun? Wäre schön wenn jemand aus Mitte Hessen oder so kommen würde und mir persönlich helfen könnte.(Frankfurt,Gießen,Siegen) Besten Dank schon mal für eine Hilfestellung. Besten Dank Hello! I have the Avic-F930BT and I would be happy if someone could help me! I initially have the 3 files on the SD card. Plug it into the radio and confirm with any key. Radio does this test and then I get the SD card out again. After the script I have to turn off the ignition. Is that correct? Otherwise, the radio will not respond to a keystroke. Then I insert the SD card into my PC and play the map material on it. Always like in all forums but without HEX because I do not see through it. I have already tried a lot of Cardinfo files. Put the SD card back into the radio (plug it in and boot) or radio is already on but nothing happened, no matter what files are on the SD. It's always the same. It doesn't even recognize an SD card. Already tried different ones! From 4 to 32GB. What else can I do? Would be nice if someone from the middle of Hessen or something would come and help me personally. (Frankfurt,Gießen,Siegen) Many thanks for your help. Many thanks
  3. HI, I am a new user of avic-mrz05. How can I change its language to English and use map of Bangladesh. Thanks, Tahmeed
  4. Avic x9310bt

    Hi i just bought a subaru, and it came with a avic-x9310bt. The maps are from 2011 and wanted to get the new maps, any way i could get the new maps for free? I’m new to this and found this forum and looking for info thank you!
  5. New maps FEU HERE 2016Q2\Q3 Full Europe(FEU) HERE 2016Q2 for Pioneer available on Naviextras. for updates via synctool - standart metod Full Europe(FEU) HERE 2016Q3 for Pioneer available. for manual updates via IGO patch
  6. Hi, I have the 7200NEX and when you select MAPS it says iGO loading and then it closes. Everything else with the unit is working well. How can I fix this issue? Where is the SD card located? Are there any step by step instructions? Thank you for the help! - Matthew
  7. 'License Error' while updating maps

    I purchased and installed nex 5100 in last 10 days. Purchased from amazon. Yesterday I upgraded firmware from 1.01 to 1.05. Today , while updating maps - it threw error "License Error". Not sure why . These are maps legally downloaded from neviextras toolbox. My unit is hardly 10 to 12 days old. I reformatted usb drive couple of times and did map update process from scratch with no luck but the same "license error" all the time. Though , I sent email to Pioneer support, I am checking here if anyone has an idea on this or have gone though same situation. Please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  8. I recently purchased a map update from Naviteq. Actually, Naviteq has re-branded itself to HERE maps. Here is my conundrum: When I insert the SD card that contains the update, the AVIC-Z140BH prompts me for my Pioneer Password, which is needed before installation can continue. I tried my Bluetooth password: it did not work. I tried my AVIC-Z140BH security password: it did not work. I have talked to the licensed installer that I bought the system from; they had no clue. I have talked to HERE maps; they sent me to the site www.pioneernavigationupdate.com The model AVIC Z140BH was not listed. I found the device #, but the media number comes from pioneer. I have tried to call pioneer support, but nobody seems to want to answer the telephone. Anybody on this forum know about this? Thanks in advance,
  9. Sinds 2 weeks i have a pioneer avic f700BT. it has sottware version version 2.009000 and the map version is 1.008000 from 2008 (europe) Now was i looking last three days on this forum, bud i cann't find a frimware update or good map update. if it is possibel i want to updte to 4.0 en with newest map update. I have make an back up of my flashdrive folder with wince testmode. but how to get to the next step? i hope sombody can help me a bid.
  10. update map ?

    I have Nex 8000. I check on www.naviextras.com about a week ago and it listed all the NEX devices, but every time i click on one it just pop up error message.I went on this morning, and i do not see it listed as supported device. Where can i update the map for my NEX 8000? Thanks,
  11. X940BT Map update

    Dear Friends, I have just purchased an X940BT and am pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to update the maps. I want the maps of the middle east on them. There is nothing about X940BT on the Navteq site. Could someone please advise whether this is possible and if it is.. how to do it? I have downloaded the iGO and NAVTEQ maps for middle east but dont know how to put them into the unit. Regards,
  12. Group Purchase of 2012 Upgrades

    What happened to the list of people that agreed to purchase the 2012 updates?
  13. I've noticed that if I use the google maps "built in maps", and click on directions from current location. If I later decide to update the map and tell it to use my current location it uses my original current location not my actual current location. The only way I can get it to use the new location is by exiting "AppRadio", quitting the app and unplugging my iPhone. Once I plug everything back in it will allow me to pick my current location again. But if I need to update my current location I need to repeat the above steps. Is anyone else having this problem?
  14. Dear All Avic 411 guros We have a F900BT installed in our car and are generally satisfied with it but the map of Denmark however is quite old (from 2008 I would suspect). How do we upgrade the map to the latest teleatlas version? Any assistance on this task would be very much appreciated Thanks & best regards
  15. Although I think I know a little about how the AVIC works, I confess to complete ignorance about the licensing of map. A view confirmed by my current inability to get 2011Q4 Navteq or Tomtom (TeleAtlas) maps to work on my UK F900BT despite having scanned the forum for help. Mind you not knowing what I am looking for doesn’t help. As I understand it, Pioneer provides a licence to run the Pioneer provided maps in a particular area. However to run other maps you need: a generic IGO worldwide licence a Pioneer licence specific to the maps that you want to us an alternative ezrider.exe, which I assume would be appropriate to the alternative map. Would it be a good idea if forum members, in various parts of the world, who have these files, know that they work, and are prepared to share them would simply respond to this post: Europe – Navteq 2011Q3 Or North America - TomTom(TeleAtlas) 2012Q1 Members who need the relevant files could simply search the post for what they need, and then PM members who have them. If members, whose first language is not English, could translate this into their first language, this would ensure maximum coverage and response.
  16. Avic 80DVD question

    I have an older AVIC-80DVD that has recently stopped working. I believe the problem is in the DVD drive. Often when I start my car, the screen tells me I don't have the appropriate disc, but if I eject and insert the disc several times, it will eventually boot up (I DO have the appropriate disc . Howeve, the map never loads... I get a blue screen with an icon for my current location. The screen leaves a cookie trail of where I have been, but it is just a line on the blue screen - no map... My question: is it possible to boot and load maps via a PCMCIA card (with a CF card)? I guess along with this question would be wether or not I could also update my maps and/or install both east and west discs on one card... Any ideas/thoughts???
  17. F900 Map problems

    Hi, I recently bought a car that has the F900 in it but since i got the car i have not been able to get the maps working, it constantly thinks I'm in france (I'm currently in Essex in the UK) and cannot pick up my cars GPS, it can route to address fine but then routes from Paris?!? Any ideas on how to get this thing working? Im currently running Version 2.8 Maps 1.X
  18. I have an Avic Z110-BT upgraded to ver 2.000. I followed all mods to ver 2.004 but system still shows ver 2.000. I am trying to get Europe maps on the system so that I may use it while stationed in Germany. I tried to update using the EU steps, then load CNSD-210FM EU for the maps and the SD1 card does nothing when inserted. Any ideas?