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Found 2 results

  1. AVICnet is originaly a Russian mod which vastly increases the functionality of our AVICs, mainly by allowing us to easily use winCE programs such as iGo Primo and HobDrive. Below is an English variation. Enjoy! A Few Notes - There are no maps included in the download below, you must copy the maps you want onto your unit. - The stock iGo TTS files have been removed to save space. You can put them back in if you prefer, simply copy the My Flash Disk\APL2\iGo\ScanSoft onto your unit. You should have these files from when you initially backed up your unit. Warnings Before attempting install AVICnet make a complete backup of your current AVIC My Flash Disk just in case something goes wrong. You are and only you are responsible for your AVIC! Note I have tested it on a North American F500BT, F700BT, F900BT and X910BT but am not sure how it will behave on other units. It will also work on F90BT and X710BT. Installation Instructions 1) Back up your unit! Copy the entire "My Flash Disk" onto a SD card and keep it in a safe place. 2) Ensure you are running Windows CE version 5.0 or above. You can check this by booting into testmde, going to the control panel and tapping on system. It will tell you your CE version there. If you need to upgrade, the f500bt is here or f900bt here. Note this is for a NA AVIC, not Euro! 3) Download the file in post #2. Extract, copy to a SD card. 4) Delete "My Flash Disk" on your unit from testmode. 5) Copy "My Flash Disk" from your SD card to your unit. 6a) Copy maps,pois, dem files, ect from your backup of "My Flash Disk" to your unit. They are located in my flash disk/apl2/igo/content. Primo will share the stock iGo's maps. 6b) Copy Primo 2.0 voices to the \my flash disk\apl2\primo3 folder. Note Primo 1.0 has Samantha included. 7) Reboot. Your unit will auto reboot once more to initiallize AVICnet. F900bt and X910bt may have an issue with Primo not getting a proper fix. This is due to issues with the VSS/gyro sensor. A solution is on post #3 of this thread. Primo You will notice in the Navigation Menu there are 2 options to launch Primo, Primo and Primo 2.0. iGo Primo (Primo 1.0) uses a lower memory requirement to keep it from crashing with the stock iGo running and accessible in the background. It is a little more sluggish with slightly lower FPS then iGo Primo 2.0. Hard buttons and sound regardless of source both work in Primo 1.0. Samantha TTS is included. iGo Primo 2.0 does not have the lower memory requirement settings which means it is snappier the has higher FPS. The stock iGo process is killed to free up memory, which means AVICnet functions are not available. In place of the AVICnet icon on the Top Menu there is a message stating "Avic Net disabled, press to restart". If you tap this icon your unit will run the ezrider.exe file and allow you access to AVIC net's menus. Upon touching the icon on the top of the Top Menu screen the ezriider proces is once again killed to free memory. Press and hold down the "AVIC Net is disabled" icon to do a soft reset. AVICnet and all other functions will be available after the reset. Note that Primo 1.0 and Primo 2.0 have their own save folders in each's respective folders (Primo and Primo3) therefore changes made to one will not be made in the other. This includes favorites, ect. Internet I do not have a 3g usb key to test internet with AVICnet, however here are Bagua's instructions as per the Italian thread: For internet I used a USB modem Huawei E1550 model, but should be also supported the following modems: - Globalsat BU-353 - LG KP500 - Nokia 5300 - AnyDATA ADU310A - Huawei E160G - Huawei E220 - Huawei E1550 - E1820 Huawei - ZTE MF100 - ZTE MF626 - ZTE MF627 First, if you have a compatible modem Huawei you have to download this program: PortSwitchTool Insert the USB modem into your PC and start PortSwitchTool, selesionate "CD-ROM to Diag" press on "Next" and then "Finish". MODEM INSTALLATION - Reach the utilities menu and click on "Modem" select the modem you want, and click on "New", then connect the modem and wait until as requested will begin to flash. - Getting to the menu Settings ---> Connections Settings and click on "3 Italy" where you can rename it at will. Press in the "Modem" in the new window and press the "Update" then select your modem from the list updated. Going back to the settings menu and you will see that the first connection attempt will fail. - Done This press the key "reset" and then wait again initializing AvicNet. After the required reboot to reach the Utilities menu and launch "COM Port", if everything went according to plan you should see your modem installed in the COM3, so it remains to do is get to the menu "Connect" and test the connection. OBDII - WORKING!!! Hobd is included in AVIC net 2.1. It's drivers will now self-load. The Russian OBD reader program does not work, with the correct drivers the obdII blinks but it gives an error it can not connect. It can be deleted (My Flash Disk\APL4\Check Engine). Note when you buy an ELM327 adapter make sure it is version 1.4b or above, prior versions do not enter sleep mode when the car is not running and they will quickly drain your battery! I would strongly recommend purchasing the full version of this program if you like it, it includes many more features and trends. Running Programs from SD/USB You can run programs from SD or USB rather then My Flash Disk, this is useful for freeing up memory for maps, ect. When launching many programs your AVIC will first check if the program is on SD or USB first before launching from My Flash Disk. The path on the SD card should be as follows: (Note the SD is the root of the card, not a SD folder): Primo (1.0): SD\Primo\ Note you need to comment out all lines in the sys.txt under (FOLDER). If the NNG programs are not in the same directory they will not share maps, ect. You must then place all maps/voices/poi/ect in the Content folder. Primo (2.0): SD\Primo3\ Follow the same steps as above for content. If you choose to relocate programs to SD or USB you can delete the programs from your My Flash Disk. Make sure to leave the Run folder intact; the files inside are required to launch the programs from SD\USB\My Flash Disk. Important Notes - read on Enjoy everyone! Please provide some feedback and feel free to offer any advice on how to improve AVICnet. Thanks to Chuck for patiently answering all questions and helping us better understand our AVICs. Thanks to the creator of the original AVICnet, Captain Shock, Bagua, and all those who have posted here for their contributions. Also thanks to all who contributed both here and in the Primo thread. Links Link to Russian avicnet: http://forum.gps-club.ru/index.php?showtopic=21574&page=1 Link to Itailian avicnet: http://pioneernavgate.blogfree.net/?t=3453274 Link to HobDrive: http://hobdrive.com/ The latest beta releases are here: http://hobdrive.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=37 The following sites are good sources for maps: http://fixmygps.info/forum/index.php http://gpsunderground.com/forum/ http://www.navitotal.com/ Change log 2014/08/14 - One small change, with the "map button launches primo" option a long press on menu will take you to hobdrive from the AV screen where as it would not before. 2014/04/30 - Fix for stock iGo, no more crashes when pushing MAP button. Also added optional files to re-map buttons so MAP launches and controls Primo, low memory stock iGo sys.txt is optional. 2014/04/05 - NOTE: STOCK IGO NOT WORKING Uploaded my My Flash Disk. It is based on a newer Russian mod. Changes include: - Igo primo.exe included with working sound regardless of source - AEBplus. This allows buttons to be mapped per each program. For example, to launch Primo just hold down the menu key from any screen. See APL4/AEBplus to edit settings and for more info. *Note for AEBplus to work the stock iGo must be running, which means Primo runs concurrently. There are settings in Primo's sys.txt to limit the amount of memory it uses to avoid crashes. - Added UK TTS files to Primo - Added newest beta of hobdrive demo - Trimmed down the entire package, a few other tweeks. * To flash back up your My Flash Disk, delete all files, copy onto empty My Flash Disk, and restore primo3/save folder if desired to regain your settings. You can use your old Primo if you choose, just make sure to use the primo.exe and primo3/run folder from this package. 12/10/2012 - primo.exe which allows Primo 2.0 sound to work regardless of source uploaded in post #2. 04/18/2012 - avic net 2.1 uploaded. Changes include: - avic net 2.1 shell used (Russian source). A custom mod is used rather then the stock interface for iGo 8. - OBD drivers now auto-load when the OBD II is plugged in via USB. A newer version of Hobd is incuded. - The Menus can now be accessed while using Primo 2.0. Tap the "AVIC Net disabled" icon on the top menu to do this. Note if you hold the same icon down rather then tap it will soft reset your unit. - OziExplorer, Garmin, and TomTom removed. For myself it was a novelty to have these programs but I never used them therefore I removed them to save space. They can be manually added. - TTS voices removed from the stock iGo to save space. You can put them back in if you prefer, simply copy the My Flash Disk\APL2\iGo\ScanSoft onto your unit. You should have these files from when you initially backed up your unit. 12/11/2011 - OBDII drivers and program added in the OBD section of this post. 10/23/2011 - Euro release included 10/18/2011 - Initial release
  2. Warning and “Legal Stuffs†This mod is only for Pioneer AVIC with Firmware V3.x and won’t work with previous Firmware releases. You are advised to make complete backup of your current AVIC “My Flash Disk†before proceeding, like any other mod … just in case! As owner, you are the only one who is responsible for your AVIC. With all those “legal†stuffs been said, let's start! Truly simple navigation mod, easy to use with packed functionalities and features. NEW v3.4 snapshoots here: NavMod3.x snapshots.zip Please see installation instruction at the end of this post. If you are upgrading from v3.x, simply replace DATA.zip, SYS.txt and the "Extension" sub-folder. Should you run into any problem because you have use other mods previously, please delete the folder "\My Flash\Disk\User\UserData\iGo" to get rid of the possible incorrect settings. With the new Interface Color Changer (contribution of motte), this release include a sub-folder "Extension\Interfaces" that is almost 50 MB bigger in size, so please make sure that you have enough space in your Flash Disk before proceeding. Once you've selected the desired color for the NAV interface, you can completely delete the sub-folder "Extension\Interfaces". VERY IMPORTANT: The Interface Color Changer scripts will delete all files with .BMP extension on "ui_pioneer\800_480". If you're doing customization and have .BMP file saved under this folder (i.e. outside of the DATA.zip), please make a backup of them before using the Color Changer. Once you've selected the desired color for the NAV interface, you can restore your customized .BMP files to this folder. Download Chuck88’s Mod v3.4b with SmartTrack, and now, with Primo 2.0 and Pioneer FW 4.0 update! NavMod3.4b (password: www.avic411.com) WinCe5Emulator Background I was a long time follower of IDT’s and abb1’s navigation mods and must say I was very happy, like everyone else, when comparing those excellent mods with the original Pioneer “patched and very limited†version of the iGo software. However, since abb1’s Chrome mod starting with v3.0 that was based on Diaftia’s hybride mod v2.3, I have decided that I stay with v2.75 since v3.0 and up no longer support smartzoom correctly (you see mostly sky during turns, not map), without which I don’t consider that as a true and smart navigation system. Of course, I can see that lot of people don’t really care or don’t really know what smartzoom is all about (please vote above to provide your opinion, thanks). But I do care, for me it is a deal breaker! So since abb1’s release of v3.0, I started modding the v2.75 with my own likings, but strictly do it for myself, with respect to abb1’s work. Two or three weeks ago, after abb1 replied to one forum member that he no longer has intention to continue updating v2.75, I informed him that I want to put my mod online someday in order to do my part for this small community; and he encouraged me to do so! When I modded this for myself in the past, I didn’t care about the graphic and user interface, I just want functionalities, so I embedded static menu buttons, no visual feedback when pressing menu buttons, and I hope that abb1 will eventually release an update to v2.75, you know, he is a great graphist. But that never comes! To release the mod to others, however, I decided to make the interface nicer and more user-friendly. Today, after spending the last two weeks learning the rudimentary of Photoshop, I was able to roll out this mod with descent graphic buttons for menus. So for your die-hard v2.75 users or new comers who want navigation with true smartzoom, this mod is for you to try out and use. I decide to call this v2.80 to preserve its heritage from abb's great mod. 2012-01-19: v3.4a posted: Now with Primo 2.0 and Pioneer FW 4.0 Update! Again, make a backup of your "\My Flash Disk" folder. Should you run into any problem because you have use other mods previously, please delete the folders "\My Flash\Disk\User\UserData\iGo" and "\My Flash Disk\APL2\Primo\save" to get rid of the possible incorrect settings. Let's make this short! Pioneer FW update 4.0: This is not an image level update, just some DLL and EXE are updated to include minor improvements to the FW 3.00x, but Pioneer decided to flagged this update as FW 4.0, which is found in some "About" boxes of the system FW. This update is completed by copying some files over their existing FW 3.00x counterparts, and are located in the "\My Flash Disk\APL" folder and the EzRider.exe of the iGo software. Those files also include Warning or Nag messages removals by "carver", and my own Image.res inside the APL folder. This "carver" hack should also automatically start the countdown timer to launch Primo 2.0 if Primo is selected under the "Custom Settings". If you don't want this update, please do not copy the files mentioned in this paragraph. Nuance TTS Pro 5.0: Those massive files are not included in the zip file but you can download it from ryar's "Primo for AVIC" thread and put them directly under the Primo folder to provide support for TTS Pro. The download should include the VAUTOV5.DLL and the tts_nua_v5 folder. For those of you who prefer my Mod rather than Primo: Please note that the interface color of the background of the all menu is selectable under the "Custom Settings" menu. I put the green as the default rather than chrome because this match the interior of my car. There are a couple of gimmicks when using Primo, and I believe that ryar and other are working hard to resolve them, below: To have guidance voice and sound within Primo, you have to play music from SD, iPod/iPhone or USB. Radio is not enough to have sound! After or when running Primo, if the SD card is removed from the slot, it might trigger a reboot! From time to time, you might see a "Fatal Application Error" message just before launching Primo (KeyScan.exe or Button.exe), but just tape on "OK" or ignore it, Primo will run just fine. Next/Previous songs command (knob) not working within Primo. Read "Couple of precisions" of my previous release below: As always, enjoy! 2011-10-05: v3.4 posted: Now with link to Primo v1.2. For those of you who want to breath new life into your aging AVIC, here is the option: Primo v1.2. I want to give full credit to forum member ryar for this inclusion, whose had perform most of the digging to bring Primo compatible with AVIC, you can either post comments, ask questions in this thread of to his own thread http://avic411.com/i...__fromsearch__1 under the "Complete Mods", where you can find answers to questions that you might have. [/url] Please be informed that there are still some caveats when using Primo on your AVIC, especially on the hardkeys mapping, that ryar has already done a tremendous good job. Fortunately, if you wish, you can still use my mod v3.4, which also have underwent so improvements, instead of Primo. A couple of precisions: The inclusion of Primo takes up a fairly share of your Flash Disk, so make sure that you have enough space before proceed to copy files. The default iGo8 color menu interface is now changed. To have the previous Chrome interface, you must change it back to Chrome using the Color Interface Changer. BMP files under \My Flash Disk\APL2\iGo\Extension\Interface can be safely deleted to save space after that. Primo is resided under "\My Flash Disk\APL2\Primo". If you don't want to use it, just delete it to save space. Advanced TTS voice engine may be download from ryar's Primo thread, and must be place under "\My Flash Disk\APL2\Primo". You can change skin in the Primo interface. The most popular from the Internet are included in the package. After launching Primo, hard keys MENU and MAP may be used, but not 100% (pressing not acknowledge sometime). A double-clicking on the MAP button will bring you back to the Top Menu of Primo. A click on "Destination" or on the Primo button in the lower centre bar will bring you back to Primo. If you are in the A/V application and want to switch back to the Primo map, you might have issue (a reset will fix that though). Always go back to AVIC Top Menu before switching back to Primo. You have to play SD or USB (maybe iPod) musics to get sound from Primo, weird indeed but so be it. Music will not be fade (as in iGo8) or muted when Primo announces navigation directives!! Now prime time! Let's make this short. So you want to have: You can access Primo from this screen: If you select the option in the Custom Settings menu, the Primo-autolaunch will be activated everytime when you change iGo8 to the map screen: The countdown timer is 15 seconds. Taping on it will bring you back to the Custom Settings menu; long-clicking on it will waive the delay and start Primo right away. 2011-07-15: v3.3 posted: Smart 2D/3D NAV Shifting: the best of both worlds! As a bonus, NAV interface color changer! Read notes for v3.1 for instructions and ENJOY!!! Beside the interface color changer, in the new version, all you have to do to benefit from both SmartTrack in 2D and SmartZoom in 3D during navigation is to enable one single option: "Smart 2D/3D NAV Shifting". Below is the excerpt found in the HELP file: Turning ON the "Smart 2D/3D NAV Shifting" select the best of both worlds - SmartTrack for 2D mode and SmartZoom for 3D mode during navigation! Regardless the SmartZoom settings, it is automatically enabled in 3D mode and reverted back to disabled in 2D. If only SmartZoom is desired, then the "Smart 2D/3D NAV Shifting"; feature must be turned OFF before switching SmartZoom back to ON (P.S.: SmartZoom could remain ON upon reboot if power to AVIC was cut-off during navigation in 3D). With the new option, just configure SmartTrack and SmartZoom as below to enjoy fully its potential: With the contribution of motte, I offer the new NAV Interface Color Changer with this latest release, which can be accessed from the "Applications Menu 1-Scripts or from the Custom Menu: VERY IMPORTANT: The Interface Color Changer scripts will delete all files with .BMP extension on "ui_pioneer\800_480". If you're doing customization and have .BMP file saved under this folder (i.e. outside of the DATA.zip), please make a backup of them before using the Color Changer. Once you've selected the desired color for the NAV interface, you can restore your customized .BMP files to this folder. 2011-06-12: v3.2 posted: Not much to say, SmartTrack is so much better now ... I couldn't help but share it with the rest of the community! Read notes for v3.1 for instructions and ENJOY!!! I also included in this release the hacked ErRider.exe for the altitude hack, and TestMode v2.3 files to be able to boot into WinCE 5.0 TestMode. Just unzip everything on a SD card, then boot into TestMode. Chuck88's SmartTrack Explained Simply better for 2D Navigation! Brought to you by Chuck88 (2011-06) While this feature is extremely useful, its operating principle is very simple. As a prerequisite, SmartTrack can only be turned ON when the iGo SmartZoom function was turned OFF. In 2D Driving Mode, the map zoom level is calculated in function of the current travel speed, variable from 25 km/h to 110 km/h. Levels vs speed can be customized using the interface. In 3D Driving Mode, one can adjust the level offset that is to be deducted from the map zoom level calculated as per 2D Driving Mode, and a bracket of minimum/maximum is set to prevent from zooming too close to the ground or too high in the sky. Those parameters are also customizable in the interface. When the Navigation SmartTrack is turned ON, the algorithm will take over the level calculated in function of the current travel speed starting at 1200 meters down to 117 meters before turn, and then revert to the level calculated in function of speed, if the next turn is in more than 1200 meters. For obvious reasons, SmartTrack is suspended under the following situations: * Map follow mode is stopped. SmartTrack will not resume as long as the on-map cursor is shown. * AVIC multi-function stick is pushed. SmartTrack will resume automatically after above 45 seconds. 2011-05-08: v3.1 posted: This could be very well my last version, unless there is major bug, which is very unlikely. Sorry but there are no bells and whistles nor new graphics! As you all know, I only improve iGo’s software performance, create new or fine tune existing features for functionalities and a better driving/navigating experience, including fixing bugs (lot of them). I am rolling out this latest version of my mod v3.1, in which I introduce an all new driving/navigation experience that I called “Chuck88’s SmartTrackâ€. I was always using SmartZoom before so I know its limitations, and nowadays I use this new SmartTrack mode, and prefer a better 2D driving experience. I think this is also a great alternative for those that don’t use the SmartZoom feature, and it is especially helpful for 2D normal driving or routing navigation. I know many people use only 2D with their AVICs. Let me explain: currently, either with iGo’s SmartZoom feature turned ON or OFF, you predefine the map’s zooming level and it becomes static when SmartZoom is turned OFF, or only zooming-in during turns when SmartZoom is turned ON, meaning that you will always see the map’s real-estate that you have selected, even when you’re driving at 100 km/h, you can't see further ... I think this was not well designed and could be improved! With SmartTrack turned ON, selectable for 2D and/or 3D, plus whether you want to have it ON during navigation, the map’s zooming level is automatically adjusted in function of the current vehicle speed. In 3D mode however, I acknowledge that this function is not as smooth as the one with SmartZoom, as it doesn’t tilt the sky before turns (the ideal solution would be combining the best of both worlds ...). For this to work, you have to turn OFF the SmartZoom under “Map Visual Settingsâ€, and then the SmartTrack settings will become available. The dynamic range would run from 20 km/h (the closest to the ground) to 100 km/h (the highest in the sky). If enabled, the priority is given to the zooming-in for turns during navigation, which takes place after reaching less than 500 m before the next turn, down to about 25 m. During the process, if you manually push the multi-function stick in the AVIC to select a different map level, the dynamic feature will suspend for about the next 45 seconds, and then go back to the dynamic mode. This is handy when you want to view the map temporary at a specific level. Try SmartTrack and I am conviced that you will like it! Just to recap, the following hidden features are available: Normal driving: =============== On any menu button, punching it twice will show labels of all on screen buttons (works during navigation as well) Compass : Toggle 2D/2DN/3D map view Current Speed : Bring up speedometer Current Time : Bring up on-map trip computer (disabled during navigation) GPS NOT AVAILABLE Icon: Bring up GPS settings (only when GPS is not locked-in) Bluetooth icon: Bring up phone menu. Long-press will dial HOME phone number Navigation: =========== Upcoming turn and distance: Repeat last guidance instruction Secondary Turn Icon: Bring up AVOIDANCE menu Secondary Turn Distance: Bring up Itinerary view with AVOIDANCE menu Enjoy. 2011-04-05: v3.0 posted What's new! Misterblue's 3DCars v1.2 Rev. A (delete the old 3DCars folder and replaced with this one) Add speedcam create/edit/delete in "Map Browser" More applications (including Viewers for pictures and slide show, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and PDF reader) True LCD backlight OFF during "Screen OFF" function (from the map screen) Add GPS ON/OFF commands to the "GPS screen" (to allow Route Simulation in AVIC) Add handy routing method selection to "Planning Pad" (inspired from diaftia's mod) Add distance scale to "Planning Pad" (inspired from diaftia's mod) Add handy zoom presets and fit-to-screen function to "Planning Pad" (inspired from diaftia's mod) Modify "Continue" function to continue to the "Destination Menu" for another selection in "Planning Pad" Add vehicule type selection (different than 3DCars) under "Route Settings" If map startup is selected to be "Stealth" and there is a route in memory, the "Stealth" feature is cancelled for the current startup Add distance meter when navigating with next turn distance under 500 meters Add mechanism to advancing the route segment index (for use with AVOIDANCE commands) Extra features! Add brands icons ( replace \My Flash Disk\APL2\iGo\Branding.zip, duplicated files removed from VBLUE42's original) Add Carver's Nag Msg Removal (replace \My Flash Disk\APL\CommonLib.dll, MainMenu.exe, SystemSetting.exe) Add Carver's Tel.exe fix (replace \My Flash Disk\APL\Tel.exe) Add matching audio/video graphical interface (replace \My Flash Disk\APL\Images.res, modified from abb1's) Recommended smartzoom settings: Zoom I/O: 60 m and 120 m respectively. Tilt Low/Hi: 75 and 85 respectively. You can otherwise put the sliders all the way to 90 to see the whole sky. Just to recap, the following hidden features are available: Normal driving: ========== Compass : Toggle 2D/2DN/3D map view Current Speed : Bring up speedometer Current Time : Bring up on-map trip computer (disabled during navigation) GPS NOT AVAILABLE Icon: Bring up GPS settings (only when GPS is not locked-in) Bluetooth icon: Bring up phone menu. Long-press will dial HOME phone number Navigation: ========= Upcoming turn and distance: Repeat last guidance instruction Secondary Turn Icon: Bring up AVOIDANCE menu Secondary Turn Distance: Bring up Itinerary view with AVOIDANCE menu 2011-02-08: v2.80g posted **Improvements applied to the otherwise already very stable release.** I dont' have time to update the snapshots.zip file, so there might be discrepencies if compare to ... Misterblue's newest bug-free (!!! ) version 1.2 of the 3DCars. According the French forum, no more crash and all included cars models seem to be OK (I didn't have time to test one by one though). Please delete the existing 3DCars folder in your AVIC and replace with the one included with this release. You will also need to REINITIALIZE the database from after choosing the 3DCARS from the Applications Menu, to update the car models. Smartzoom Tilt Angles are now adjustable! I also include a new SYS.TXT so the the user settings will prevail. Please replace the one that you have now! Since I like smartzoom, I found that the following setting would be best for my personal taste, your mileage can vary: Zoom I/O: 60 m and 120 m respectively. Tilt Low/Hi: 75 and 83 respectively. You can otherwise put the sliders all the way to 90 to see the whole sky. New Bluetooth icon on the map screen with click (phone menu) and long-press (call home) functionalities. If also using carver's navigation nag message killer like I do, you can now start the AVIC in a stealth mode. I use this all the time because here in Canada's winter, it is so cold that you would want to heat your car for a couple of minutes before jump into it, and it happen sometime that you don't want to have a super bright LCD turned ON and shown to prying eyes. So this is an handy function for me to show only the CURRENT TIME and one dimmed ICON on the LCD. Click on any of those will revert to normal LCD map. New external applications on the Applications Menu: Notepad (click) and Calculator (long pressing on Notepad icon). There is a small bug in the Calculator application ... don't press on the HELP menu of the calculator or the application will freeze. For this to work, please recopy everything immediately under iGo\Extension folder to the corresponding folder in your AVIC. Other improvements. Enjoy! 2011-01-01: v2.80f posted Minor menu system re-organized and other interface level changed: OMG, I LOVE MY MOD!!! This release is stable enough that I will leave it as is for the time to come, so feel free to use it! Happy New Year everyone! It is however important to note that starting with v2.80f, an additional included font file called TAHOMA_ABB.TTF is needed and should be stored under the "\My Flash Disk\APL2\iGo" folder. Re-organized menu. 2010-12-14: v2.80e posted **Minor bugs fixed release** General: Quick menu item for "Map Changer" added to "Applications". Quick menu auto-off (changed from ~10 to ~20 seconds of inactivity). Quick access to "Opacity Mask" icon (left side menu): will be shown instead of the "Blank Screen" if map opacity is higher than 32. Bug fixed for "Audio Bar" selection not saved under some circumstances. Enjoy!!! 2010-12-01: v2.80d posted New features for this update: With thanks to motte, menu items background are now transparent, very professional looking. Quick menus such as "Toolbox", "Navigation", "Map" and "Applications" are re-organized (see updated pics below). Quick menus auto-off (~10 seconds of inactivity). New menu item under Regional Settings: Map Preference, can be either UK or US. New menu item under Sound Settings: Default Guidance Voice, can be default to ON or MUTED. New menu item under Custom Settings: Earth Button Function, can be either "On screen icons bar" or "Map Browser". New menu item under Custom Settings: Persistent Map Opacity Mask, can be either Yes or No. Redesigned useful "Map Browser". New feature for "Map Transparency" that you can save for subsequent reboots. Sometime I would like to have my AVIC booted up but with a blank screen, especially when I am pre-heating my car during our harsh winter environment. With this feature, I just have to set the opacity level and shutoff the car. This is also useful when the contrast is too high, especially at twilight or dawn, when the automatic day/night is not yet engaged. You can bring this adjustment up by longclicking on the "Start Menu", or from the "Map" quick menu. If with the longclick, it will be default to 32, which is the middle value. GREEN arrow will reset the opacity to zero (none), RED arrow will set the selected value (max: 64). 2010-11-29: v2.80c Preliminary version leaked from my 4shared account, so this release has been cancelled from my records. 2010-11-14: v2.80b Posted Bugs fixed and new features: Overlapping problem with the UK/US speed limit signs fixed. Map browsing mode added under MAP menu. This mode can also be entered by long clicking the "Start Menu" icon. New map browsing mode: This mode can be entered via the MAP menu icon or by long clicking on the Start Menu button from the Map screen. 2D/2D North/3D mode can be selected inside this mode. 2010-11-11: v2.80a Posted With thanks to abb1 and Ovalball, Regional Map Preference option added, selectable between US and UK version, which affects the following: Highway signpost color (see below for additional file to copy) Speed limit sign TMC vs MSN Direct The Highway signpost color is configured for UK version under the file ui_pioneer\common\laneinfo_signpost.ini. You should only copy this file if you want the blue color for highway signposts. This file should not be copied to your AVIC for the US selection, you will otherwise have blue highway signposts. Custom setting screen (AV ON/OFF). Setting AV ON/OFF from the popup menu or from the menu icons bar has the same effect and they are synchronized, and persistently saved. You can now select Regional Map Preference for US/UK, and option will also be saved. What were improved since v2.75 I started to mod because those existing features in the v2.75 didn’t suit my needs. Don’t get me wrong though, I am not complaining at all as I didn’t pay for it, and every modder is working for free for the rest of us. 1) When display the INFO about POI with a phone number, the “CALL†button can’t make the call (nothing happens when button was pressed). 2) Almost every press on every button of the trip planning screen returns you to the map screen … how annoying it is!!! You have to make dozen of back and forth in order to plan you complete route. 3) Can’t see the multidraw details after the calculating was done. No button to bring back the multidraw screen to visually compare each suggested route. 4) Trip computer contains always 27 minutes more in total time in its counter than it really is, so the average speed and other parameters are mis-calculated. 5) Can’t browse the map as desired, as it will revert to the current GPS or car position after a few seconds in an uncontrolled manner … really annoying for my use! 6) Can’t individually delete the favourites on the manage screen. 7) Route avoidance menu functionalities are incomplete and not working properly. 8 ) Audio Menu hide/show was not a persistent option, and you need either one version or the other for the default. 9) No visual indication when GPS is not available. 10) Elevation sign is not available even when enable under options. 11) Highway signposts are opaque and too obstructive when shown. 12) Lack of a customized script execution option. I need to add some fonts to the Windows CE but can do so only under Testmode. You can now customize your own script and save it under Extension\custom.mscr and bring it up for execution with the press of a button. The current script only establishes shortcuts to some programs from Windows CE Start Menu. You can do whatever you want, you can even copy the backup.mscr script from abb1’s Chrome mod 4.0 and rename to Extension\custom.mscr, to perform a backup of your “My Flash Disk†folder with a press of a button. I use a beautiful Chinese character as the icon simply because this function could be anything depends on the end-user, so the Chinese character means anything I guess! 13) And dozen other improvements that I forgot what they are. Download & Installation Please refer to the beginning of this post for download link. TIPS FOR YOU MODDERS OR TO-BE-MODDERS: If this is an upgrade and you have access to WinCE Commander, you don't have to boot to TestMode. With exception to DATA.ZIP, you can copy all other files and folders to "My Flash Disk\APL2\iGo" directly from the WinCE Commander program. As for DATA.ZIP, you can use "Resource Info" to end the "iGo" process, then copy DATA.ZIP, then restart your AVIC with Restart.exe. If you modify any UI script and want try it out without rebuilding the DATA.ZIP, you can just create ui_pioneer\800_480\ui or ui_pioneer\common\ui and copy the modified scripts into the appropriate folder. Files outside DATA.ZIP has priority over those inside it. Otherwise, boot into Testmode v2.3 for Firmware 3.x. Please note that those files and folders could be selectively copied and should be seated under the “My Flash Disk\APL2\iGo†folder. Main Mod: Copy the following four files to “My Flash Disk\APL2\iGoâ€: BULLPEN3D.ttf, DATA.zip, DS-DIGI.TTF and SYS.TXT. It is however important to note that starting with v2.80f, an additional included font file called TAHOMA_ABB.TTF is needed and should be stored under the "\My Flash Disk\APL2\iGo" folder. DON'T FORGET TO SELECT THE DEVICE THAT FITS YOUR REGION AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SYS.TXT FILE TO MAKE THE TMC OR MSN DIRECT WORKING. 3D Cars Images: The folder 3DCars is a slightly modified version of misterblue’s original (and touched up by abb1, I think) to enhance stability (making sure enough delay was elapsed before restarting AVIC). If you already have this folder in your AVIC, you can keep the existing one or just overwrite your existing folder with this one. If you don’t have it yet, just copy this folder to “My Flash Disk\APL2\iGoâ€. Applications and Scripts: If you want to be able to execute WinCE Commander, Resource Info, reset AVIC or launch custom script, you need to copy the Extension folder to “My Flash Disk\APL2\iGoâ€. The current Custom.mscr is a generic script file that I created. It will create shortcuts that are linked to the applications above for WinCE. Optional: I have collected the ten (10) most beautiful schemes from abb1’s work and put them in my AVIC under a footprint of less than 8.5 MB (YES, EIGHT POINT FIVE MEGABYTES). So if you want, instead of storing a huge 140 MB GFX and SCHEME folders to waste your Flash disk resource, you can optionally delete your existing “My Flash Disk\APL2\iGo\GFX†folder (NOT the one inside DATA.ZIP) and ““My Flash Disk\APL2\iGo\CONTENT\SCHEME†(!! do not delete the CONTENT folder!!), then copy both CONTENT and GFX folder from the archive to “My Flash Disk\APL2\iGoâ€. Please don't forget to delete your user settings folder as instructed above or at least select "Pioneer's blue day" as scheme before deleting the GFX folder. You will otherwise encountered problems upon rebooting. Suggestions and Comments Since there is no such thing as bug-free in software, I have made changes to the software mainly by focusing on my personal liking in the beginning, and I am aware that it is possible that doing so could jeopardize codes in other areas that I seldom use, so although it is rock-solid for my usage, I guess that there might be issues, please do let me know. As always, good suggestions and constructive comments are welcome. Happy modding!