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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone, first off thanks to everyone on this site for their continued help with these receivers. I haven't seen this topic come up yet, it's the 2nd time this time has happened. The Sirius tuner just shows SIRIUS and no audio comes out. I can't be the only one this happens to...can I? The first time it came back after a couple days, but not happening this time around...yet... I've got the 9310 with 7.0 firmware and 3.32BT, 2017 maps...
  2. So I have a 7000 NEX unit and have the SXV200V1 add on tuner for SiriusXM. The tuner works great but from day 1 with it, whenever tune select would alert me to an artist on a channel, when I hit JUMP, if the artist is on the Siriuxm "xtra" channels, I'm never actually taken to the right channel. For example, say if I have an artist alert for tom petty and the heartbreakers set up. If a song of his shows up on channel 26, when I press jump, it brings me to channel 26. But if he's on channel 312 (the Tom Petty buried treasure channel), EVERY time I press jump, it'll bring me to channel 56 the highway instead. The box that pops up knows he's on channel 312, but pressing the jump button ALWAYS jumps me to the wrong channel, but consistently the wrong channel. Like in my example above, whenever an artist is on 312, it'll jump me to 56. But again, if the alert identifies an artist on any channel below 300 (the 'xtra' channels are 300 and up), the tuneselect jump feature works great/normal. I'm thinking this has to be a bug in either the SiriusXM tuner or my head unit. But I'm not sure who's at fault. Can't swap out the siriusxm unit either as it has a lifetime sub on it. Been trying to get it on video but the artist alert comes up randomly (of course) and I never have a chance to whip my phone out fast enough before it closes.
  3. i have a z140bh and i cannot get the logo for the radio station or sirius radio to come up its just the station number most stations have like a logo that i would think would come up when you tune in i upgraded from a kenwood to this now im not sure wat a good idea it was this radio seems complicated.
  4. I have an Avic F-700bt. I have a SCC1 connected to the CD-SB10 which then connects to the head unit (the Avic). This has been the set-up for quite sometime until just recently the Sirius stopped producing audio. All other sources (iPod, CD, etc) produce audio). Visually all the sirius information is displayed (as if the unit was playing satellite radio). I have contacted Sirius and I swapped out the SCC1 for a new one. I also swapped the cable that connects the SCC1 to the CD-SB10 Module. Still no audio. However, after I swapped the SCC1 for a new one I noticed the following things, in addition to no audio still: 1) I can no longer change the station. It is stuck on Station 100. Yes, Howard. 2) While the Sirius rep was on the phone activating the new SCC1 I heard all sorts of static and stuff. Noises that I was unable to turn down (or Up) using the volume control on the Avic. I could not tell what the audio was -- it was basically just crackling. So, in sum, still no audio and I now I can't change the station. Btw. I tried reseting the unit and that did not do anything either. How else can I trouble shoot this to isolate where the problem is?
  5. Dual Band Antenna?

    Has anyone found a dual band antenna for the GPS and XM radio? It sucks having 2 antennas on my car.
  6. Sirius Display for 700BT

    I was wondering if anyone that knows how to modify the software might be able to try to make a mod that will display 3 lines of text in the Sirius "Detail" screen. What I was thinking, but I don't know how to execute, when you push "Display" the software cycles through lines of text. In the display screen, if you simulated 3 display pushes and captured the text, it could all be displayed. That may be oversimplified, but I was wondering if any of the people in the know think it could be possible or may have done something already. Thanks for any assistance.
  7. Hey all new to the site but used it once for the wire mod on the DVD/NAV setup. I have been running the Sirius module in my Avic Z2 for several years without any problems. The other day it just stopped functioning, heres whats going on: -Screen reads "SIRIUS" only, nothing else. It flashes and scrolls across the bar -No sound -None of the functions work, channels, band etc -Originally was stuck to one channel- Until I uplugged the battery -Now is stuck on channel 000 -Cannot change channels -No help from Sirius -No help from Pioneer -All other functions on head unit work fine I unplugged the battery in attempt to reset the system. When I started it back up it just reset to channel 000, but has the same problem- no sound/signal and none of the functions work I tryed resetting the head unit with that tiny button near the vol control, no difference. I pulled the Sirius module and unplugged all the connections, restarted with no difference. I checked the connection in back of the head unit, all wires and connections appear to be ok. Any advice or help is appreciated! thanks -Sal
  8. Sirius display

    Are there any upgrades available for the display while in Sirius mode? You have to scroll through pressing 'display' button to see artist, song, station, etc. The screen is plenty big enough to display all of this information simultaneously.....