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Found 5 results

  1. I am busy with several projects and working with the AVIC-Z150BH and AVIC-X850BT units and every time I switch units in the same vehicle, i.e. remove power, I go through the task of resetting all my presets on AM, FM, and SiriusXM (special HD1-4 stations on the Z150BH), et al, and want to know if anyone is backing these up through Service Mode (a.k.a. test mode). I'm guessing all the WinCE based units are fairly similar. Any help or information is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. After many months of using my SiriusXM radio on my 8100nex, all the sudden there is no audio at all. All other sources work fine EXCEPT SiriusXM. The display is showing all the songs/titles/artwork. Just NO sound at all. I have tried reseting/restoring the 8100nex, reflashing the latest firmware (1.03) and even cutting power to my car batter to reset. NOTHING has worked to get my sound back on SiriusXM. I heard other Pioneer HUs have had the same problem in the past and it was fixed with a firmware update with those models, but there is no newer firmware than the current 1.03. How do I get my sound back on my SiriusXM on my 8100nex???
  3. So I have a 7000 NEX unit and have the SXV200V1 add on tuner for SiriusXM. The tuner works great but from day 1 with it, whenever tune select would alert me to an artist on a channel, when I hit JUMP, if the artist is on the Siriuxm "xtra" channels, I'm never actually taken to the right channel. For example, say if I have an artist alert for tom petty and the heartbreakers set up. If a song of his shows up on channel 26, when I press jump, it brings me to channel 26. But if he's on channel 312 (the Tom Petty buried treasure channel), EVERY time I press jump, it'll bring me to channel 56 the highway instead. The box that pops up knows he's on channel 312, but pressing the jump button ALWAYS jumps me to the wrong channel, but consistently the wrong channel. Like in my example above, whenever an artist is on 312, it'll jump me to 56. But again, if the alert identifies an artist on any channel below 300 (the 'xtra' channels are 300 and up), the tuneselect jump feature works great/normal. I'm thinking this has to be a bug in either the SiriusXM tuner or my head unit. But I'm not sure who's at fault. Can't swap out the siriusxm unit either as it has a lifetime sub on it. Been trying to get it on video but the artist alert comes up randomly (of course) and I never have a chance to whip my phone out fast enough before it closes.
  4. New SiriusXM SXV200V1 Tuner

    Is the new SiriusXM SXV200V1 Tuner (http://shop.siriusxm.com/xm/ctl10600/cp56879/si6081290/cl1/sxv200_siriusxm_connect_vehicle_tuner ) compatible with Z140BH head unit. I currently the SC-C1 and would like to get the pause/reply and new interface feature.
  5. Hey everyone, first post here, wanted to let you guys know about a problem i'm having with the Pioneer AVH-X3500BHS i bought and installed in my girlfriends 2012 Subaru outback. I bought the unit at a local shop after doing lots of research, and when we got the car back from the shop with the unit installed, we were very happy with it. The menus were a little tricky at first but we got used to them quickly and are extremely happy with all features of the radio. Unfortunately we were having an issue with the satellite portion of the radio. I purchased and properly installed the recommended SiriusXM SXV200v1 satellite tuner, but the stereo would not grant me access to the satellite menu, almost like it wasn't detecting the tuner. So i figured the tuner was DOA and exchanged it for a new one at bestbuy, installed the new one still problems. So i called the shop that did the primary install for me, and they told me that this was the first 2013 model they had in the shop and they were not familiar with it and i should give pioneer a call and see what they say. So i finally got through to pioneer this morning and what they told me did not make me happy. As soon as i got a person on the phone i told them my model stereo and asked them if there was some special setting i couldn't find to unlock the satellite menu. He responded by asking me if I had steering wheel controls installed, i said yes. He told me that they are having an issue where people who had steering wheel controls installed were not able to use a satellite tuner, he said the only fix he had at the moment was to unplug the steering wheel controls, and call whoever built the steering wheel control adapter i was using. I just called the shop where i purchased the parts and had them installed, told them what's going on and they're going to call metra and see if they have a fix for me, hopefully i'll hear back from them in a few hours. Hopefully this is a minor issue that will be ironed out quickly with a firmware update or a new adapter from metra, I would hate to have to go to a different stereo from another manufacturer over such a stupid issue that should've been caught before the units rolled out for the new year. Has anyone else run into this issue with other models in the 2013 line up?