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Found 6 results

  1. Okay two years and another release for all these machines. Last time i bought the software and spread the wealth this time i need help as my situation has changed . I firstly need to buy the software with the highest donator getting the original pack and the unused key, Everybody else will get the software for free every Euro , Dollar or pound will help my payal me address is paypal.me/salsatnav I will keep you in the loop with daily updates till we reach £125 then i will post it here for FREE have a feeling Rons Shortfuse hack will do it again Lets all help each other
  2. Dear members, my name is Ralf and I'am new in this forum (as member) since yesterday. I drive my car in Berlin (Germany). 4 years ago I installed a AVIC F20BT. Since that time I arrange with it. All features work until two weeks ago. I had to change a headlight bulb and disconnect the battery of the car for nearly 2 hours. After reconnection of the battery the time of my f20bt was wrong. The time had an deviation to real time of 2 hours and 17 minutes. I drove the car with a few days sometimes with and sometimes without navigation but the time was not corrected himself. So I performed more than one reset by Mode+< and Reset and got different time adjustments from GPS but no time was correct. The device found in every case 11 satelites with signal quality of 2 or 3 bars to get the timestamp. The deviation to the real time was in every case one or more full hours in addition with some minutes (6 to 22). A cerrection by time zone (in regional settings) in this case also was not possible because with this function you only can correct in steps of 0.5 hours. After many resets and with correction by time zone I reach a time deviation of 6 minutes at last. Now my hope and my question to you. Is there any one with the same problem and knows an solution to manualy correct the time deviation? My device has the version 3.0 (maps 2011) and there is an map update of the year 2015 to buy. Has any one already performed the update to 2015? Contain this update any known bug fix to the time function? Are the maps so poor and easy like the maps of 2011? After 14 days of searching for a solution you are my last hope to safe the device in my car. Please give me help if you have an idea. Sorry, I know, my english is not the best. Best regards
  3. Hi at all, I have got a AVIC-F20BT with a GPS problem. I had to stick the GPS antenna on the outside of the right front wing to have a good working signal. Everywhere inside the car, I have no or a bad signal. What can I change to get a better signal inside the car? Because it looks very bad with a GPS antenna on the wing Thanks for helping!
  4. Hello, Since a 2 weeks my bluetooth module in my f20bt does not work anymore. At first it started with not being able to connect from my wife's Iphone to my nokia. And now the bluetooth function just has been switched off. Switching it on just gives the error message: connection failed (I translated it from dutch). I tried to switch it on now for at least 10 times but I cannot get it working again. In the machines testmenu I did the selftest (I read the forums how to get there). The bluetooth selftest gave an error. Can anybody help me out here. Maybe by reinstalling the software? Thanks a lot in advance!
  5. Hi all, I'm having a massive problem updating my UK AVIC-F20BT to firmware version 2.00300. My unit just doesn't automatically startup into update mode. I've followed instructions from Pioneer as below without any success. PROCEDURE: Once you copied the file "AVICF20BT_APL2.00300.zip" to your computer, double click the file to decompress it. (If you do not have a decompression utility installed on your computer, you can easily download one for free.) Put the SD-card in the SD-card reader/writer. Copy the unzipped folder "AVICZ110" to the empty SD-card. Confirm that the folder name and the file size are correct on the SD Card. To check the file size in Microsoft Windows, select the folder, press the right mouse button, and select "Properties". If the folder name and size do not match the ones listed below, perform steps B and C again. AVICZ110 –folder 63,9 MB (67.060.785 bytes) Update the firmware of your navigation unit: Switch on your Navigation unit by switching on the ignition of your car. Press the [OPEN CLOSE] button and touch [sD Insert] (or [sD Eject] and remove the original card). Insert the SD card with the prepared Firmware. The update will start automatically and takes about 2 minutes. After updating process is finished, the unit will restart itself Verify that the Application version is 2.00300 by following the steps in section A. I've not managed to get step 5 & 6 as step 4 does nothing. I've tried two SD cards, formatted them several times (fat & fat32) checked to folder size and still the update fails to start. Can someone please help. Cheers, Pheobian
  6. f20bt can bus like f30bt

    Hi all, I just did a successful upgrade from F20bt software to F30bt and it's working great. Now I want to go a step further, the F30bt has new can bus functionality with this cable: CD-SVW-UAR.001AE you could get climate control & park distance control on you display --> COOL!. (Some extra info about the functionality: http://www.pioneer.eu/eur/extra/25-111/241/car/vehicle-bus-display-support.html) Now the big question how can I get it to work on my F20bt device, it's basically the same device has the same Software, but I'd need some connection point to connect the can bus cable. I'm quite technical and am willing to open eventually my Pioneer, if I need to sold something I'd even do that.