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Found 4 results

  1. I have a brand new AVH-4200NEX installed in my 2012 Mazda 6 that is having an issue. Sometimes when I eject the faceplate, the tray that it connects to won't retract to it's upright position. I pop the faceplate off and I can hear it trying to retract but it soon gives up and beeps at me 3 times. If I put the faceplate back on it retracts no problem. Try again and I get the same issue. Hitting the reset button didn't help. This is the second unit that has had this problem. The first one lasted about 2 weeks before this started happening. I returned it for a new unit which lasted 3 days before the exact same issue returned. It doesn't seem to be getting stuck on the dash kit at all, as any other movement of the faceplate works fine. I see nothing in the manual about a 3 beep error code and I have only found 2 comments on youtube mentioning the same problem. Does anyone have any insight into what is wrong or know what the 3 beeps are trying to tell me?
  2. 8200 stuck on camera mode

    Just installed a 8200 and it is stuck in camera mode, I am uploading a YouTube video right now and will link in the comments, I have tried everything any suggestions sint be frowned upon. Thank you.
  3. Hello, Let me quickly introduce myself before I bother you with my problems !! My name is Steve, I leave in the East of France, near Strasbourg, and I am the (happy) owner of a Mazda 6 (2008 model), bought second-hand at the end of 2011. This car was equiped with an AVIC-F700BT (so it's a european model) already upgraded to CNSD-100FM, which I upgraded to latest possible official firmware at the beginning of 2012, here is the version displayed today : - "Version de la carte : 02.000600" - "Version : 3.021000" All was working fine (except some minor bugs and the fact that it's a bit slow) until this summer. Suddenly, without having done any special operation, the navigation part became unusable because very very slow. Here is what happens : as soon as the unit goes to "map" mode (by pressing "map" physical button or "carte" touch button), and after pressing "OK" to pass the nag screen, the unit become very very slow, almost unusable, each touch on the screen only gives a result many seconds or minutes later, the map displays very slowly and is incomplete, and also displays with delay compared to the real position. This also happens if I receive a hand-free call via bluetooth from my mobile (in this case the unit switches to map mode, whatever the current mode is). The only way to have control again is to press the "menu" physical button and wait some long seconds before the menu appears. Starting from here, using other modes is OK : parameters (other than those concerning navigation), and audio modes (SD, USB, CD, tuner). The unit becomes also very slow if not unusable when trying to access the navigation parameters : the nag screen displays, after pressing "OK" the map never appears and nothing seems to happen, and sometimes if I'm lucky after some minutes the unit goes back automatically to the menu screen. I tried the following things in order to solve the problem : - reset : no success - disconnect for some minutes the car battery and reconnect it : success, but only for some minutes, then suddenly the navigation mode hangs again - removal of the SD card + removal of the USB key + disabling bluetooth connection : no success Does anyone knows what is the problem ? Is there any way to restore full normal functionning of the unit ? Apart this, I always have a minor but annoying issue : every time the unit is restarted, it forgets what it was playing before : - the least annoying case : it remembers which audio files it was playing, but starts from the beginning - often, it starts again whith the first file of the SD if it was playing from SD last time, or the first file of the USB if it was playing USB last time - the worst case, also happening often, is when it was playing some USB file and restarts by playing the first file of the SD Is there any way (configuration, update, patch, hack, ...) in order to have normal behavior for this : remember where it stops and restart here ? Or at least, restart the file it was playing ? And one last question : is there any mean to buy/get some map update (CNSD-300FM/CNSD-350FM ?) for this unit and how ? That's a lot of "blabla" and I apologize for my poor English writing, I hope someone understands what I wrote ! Thanks a lot in advance for any help/advise/solution ! Regards
  4. X920BT has "Program Startup Error"

    Hello all once again! I am still working on my X920BT that was bricked during a firmware update sent to me by Pioneer. Since then I have managed to get it to respond to a number of attempts, bricked it numerous times and recovered it to a point where I can reliably get it into test mode without it shutting down on its own in the middle of making changes. I can also get it to recognize programs such as Condi's Hack Mode, Super Test Mode and that's about it. During startup it will go to splash screen and then go black with the words Program Startup Error. It will allow me to put it in test mode and from there I have full access to all files. I have done a number of things to attempt recovering the unit to a point where I can use it once again but no luck. My ultimate desire would be to update the unit to something above 2.0. I believe I need to find a way to rewrite all the files on the unit to start fresh. I am not sure if this is even possible so suggestions are welcome. If I have already tried a suggestion, I will let it be known. I warn though, I have tried so many different options that its getting discouraging. It acts like the Cardinfo file is not working as not one single update has worked. It also will not start an upload on its own and requires me to go into test mode to physically copy and paste each file. As mentioned, the only files that seem to work on their own and without me doing anything are the couple in the first paragraph. You help is greatly appreciated! Chris