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Found 4 results

  1. G'Day! Brand new here and have to say this place is awesome...........very glad I found a resource for my many questions and hopefully fixes to several annoying issues with my Pioneer unit, AVIC Z140BH. Bought a used Nissan Frontier that came with this unit installed. Great sound, happy with the bluetooth for my iPhone talk and music. Beyond that it has some serious drawbacks.........I have been rooting around reading a lot of posts making as much sense as possible but frankly coming up kind of short. The start/boot up time is way long, then you get all the annoying warnings you must touch you way out of....... Really want to be able to shut off the screen without stopping the truck. It is insanely bright at night no matter how you adjust the screen settings. Also wondering if there is a way to calibrate the navigation timing?? Cross streets almost always cross on the screen after I have actually pased them on the road. Is that just the way it is, and you live with it is there an adjustment? When I load up an D card with music cannot find a decent way to navigate it..........ultimately I abandoned it and go with radio or bluetooh iphone. With no clear understanding of what I have been reading about how to employ the software hacks I am very much hoping someone can/could point me to some simple easy to understand and execute steps to remove the nag screen and parking brake warning via a software hack. I have no stomach for pulling this thing out of the dash for a hardware hack...... thanks in advance! 2013 maps and 5.1 firmware [thanks to a great post I found here!]
  2. X710BT mods

    Hi everyone, The more I've read here the more confused I've gotten. I have an X710BT and the only thing I want to do is use the software bypass to get rid of the parking brake restriction. In other words, I want to be able and want passengers to be able to type an address or change the light color while driving. I guess the restriction's there for "safety," but you can scroll through music and audio settings to your heart's content yet can't even turn the screen completely off if you're driving. At any rate, I have the 3.020100 firmware. I have an 8gb SD card the system recognizes. I want the parking brake bypass. I do not need anything else. However, as I said, the more I read the more confused I get. Posts link to each other and I'm going around in circles trying to find what I want. Apparently the X710BT uses the F series software, so I go there. I found the 2.0 testmode stuff, but that didn't work - nothing whatsoever happened when I put the SD card with testmode into my system. I then find out I need testmode 3.0. I can't find it; links are broken. What I do find are basically just instructions to upgrade from 2 to 3, and more recent posts there are talking about 4 now. I don't need that. Then I come across another post saying the X710 actually uses the X900 software. Some posts say you put the SD card with testmode in and it automatically copies data.zip to it, while others have a whole list of steps you need. Other posts have more than 50 pages starting from 4 years ago. Is there anyone who has the testmode file for firmware 3.020100 on an X710BT? Does anyone have clear instructions on how to do what I'm asking? I have some computer programming experience so I'm not a *complete* noob; I just need a valid link to a valid file and instructions that pertain to my unit. If anyone is able to help and it succeeds, I will be sure to write my own post with detailed instructions so confused posts like mine won't keep popping up. Thanks!
  3. ************************************************************************************************************************* Update 12/18/12: After taking the steps below everything is good to go. The Micro Bypass works as advertised and the seller was great to work with. I've reviewed the product on Amazon and added some installation notes. ************************************************************************************************************************* Edit/Update 12/17/12: The seller of the micro bypass has been very responsive and is working with me on some troubleshooting. This may be something I did (or did not do) correctly. My interpretation of the instructions does not match his intent. I think they were written for a new install whereas I'm retrofitting. The error is on the HU light green parking brake wire. That wire should be disconnected from the parking brake and connected to the MB green wire and nothing else. I patched the MB green wire into the light green HU wire and left it attached to the PB. This may have damaged the MB... I also made the connections using those snap on plastic T connections, which he said are not reliable. So, next steps are to re-connect the wires by directly wrapping them together, recheck the MB ground and HU ground are together and properly grounded then see what happens. If it doesn't work then its likely the MB is damaged. I'm NOT looking forward to disassembling the car again and crawling back up under the dash... I'll let everyone know what happens. ************************************************************************************************************************* I've searched these forums and the Internet for information on a parking bypass solution for my Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS. There is sparse info for this particular model and some conflicting opinions on what does/does not work. I installed a Micro Bypass that is marketed specifically for this unit: http://www.amazon.com/AVH-X1500DVD-AVH-X2500BT-AVH-X3500BHS-AVH-X4500BT-AVH-X5500BHS/dp/B00A9AQPUU/ref=sr_1_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1354688437&sr=1-1&keywords=Avh-x5500+bypass I've seen where this solution has worked for other but it isn't working for me. Connected black to ground, blue to blue/white from radio (spliced into this wire, which goes to my power antenna) and green to light green brake wire. No video when brake is off AND now no video when brake engaged (video worked with brake on before installing bypass). Contacted seller and he said to cut light green wire by the brake switch (not in the original instructions), so I did but there is no change. Any thoughts on this? Other solutions I've seen are a to use a relay, a relay with a PAC 7 trigger module or a simple 2 way automotive 12v toggle switch... It's very difficult to access the wires behind the radio and I don't really want to just start trying random solutions. When my parking brake engages it depresses a button (switch). The light green wire from the radio is spliced into the wire for ths switch. That seems to be the only connection between the radio and PB. In addition to any helpful thoughts on a bypass for this model can someone explain how that one light green wire fools the radio and why it's so hard to duplicate? My understanding of auto electronics is somewhat limited... Sorry this is so long but I wanted to be thorough. Thank you!
  4. I have found the place to patch in Navi.exe where you can enable the "Safe Mode" switch in settings menu on US/CAN units (that EU models have). This is just for navi.exe version 4.010 on X92x+ or Z1xx series, havent figured it out yet on older versions, but could be done in a similar fashion. 1. Grab your navi.exe from your unit. (Keep a copy as a backup.) On your pc, with hex editor change: a. offset 15aefc from 02 00 56 E3 to 09 00 56 E3. b. offset 15aee8 from 01 10 A0 E3 to 00 10 A0 E3 2. replace the navi.exe on your unit. You should see a new "Safe Mode" toggle switch in the settings menu (bottom row, right side). Please dont attempt if you are not comfortable hex editing files and copy files via testmode. I wont post binaries, but somebody else can make this edit and post it somewhere on the tubes Oh you are totally on your own using this. This is only for use with US/CAN navi where the law allows. update: verified that it works. A few notes: 1. with this, you no longer need to ground KMODE (pin 11 of A/V connector) - it is not necessary 2. you will need PKB grounded so that you can turn safe mode off. Once safe mode is off, you will not need PKB pin grounded, however: 3. if you ever turn safe mode back on again, then because safe mode button along with all the other ones are greyed out, you will need to re-ground PKB to get the safe mode button active again, so you can turn it off There may be another hack somewhere to fix 2 & 3, but at least with this, you dont need to fool with the A/V connector Found it!! There are two edits. First one enables safe mode button in menu on UC units, and second one keeps the button active in safe mode.. So no wired hacks needed. 100% pure soft hack!!