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Found 6 results

  1. Just finished my install of an AVIC-8000NEX unit. Anyone know how to change the splash screens to my own pictures? I tried the simple thing, put JPG's on an SD card, but they came up with a circle and a line through them. Must not be the right format.
  2. I didn't find much for instructions on making custom backgrounds. So, if this is redundant I apologize. But, it's actually instruction on fixing the aspect ratio for your backgrounds. Model: AVIC-8000NEX Problem: Backgrounds appear stretched Cause: Display pixels are not 1:1 ratio Resolution: Squish image in the opposite direction before upload Pretty much the first thing I did after installing my stereo was change the splash screen. I wanted the Nissan hamburger logo to load when I turned my car on. Unfortunately, that nice circular logo was showing up as an oval. Quick math led me to realize that the screen being 800x480 pixels was 5:3 (~1.67) ratio when the actual screen size is advertised 16:9 (~1.78) ratio. This means the pixel ratio is not 1:1 like it is on my computer screen. So, what I saw while designing the wallpaper was not what would show on the stereo. I assumed the software would automatically size the image properly as it does a video stream. But, I was wrong. The fix is easy if you have image editing software like Photoshop; and the method will work for any display where this is an issue. Step 1: Find the native resolution of the screen: The AVIC-8000NEX is advertised to be 800x480 pixels. Step 2: Measure the size of the screen: (you can skip this step if you already know the ratio): Measure the width and height of the image on the display, not just the outer edge of the screen. You're trying to account for the difference in pixels. Using my scale ruler I got 12.3 x 6.4 (12/24 in) which measures out to 6.15 x 3.2 (in). The actual measurements aren't important. Just the ratio, so keeping the numbers in scale is just fine. Use whatever method or units you find to be the most accurate. Step 3: Calculate actual aspect ratio of the display: Surprise! The AVIC-8000NEX is not 1.78 ratio. It's closer to 1.92. This explains why the first time I tried this adjustment based on the advertised 16:9 ratio, the image was still not quite square. That's what happens when you assume. Step 4: Design or crop your image to the ratio you measured: I always make wallpapers at the native resolution of the display. I don't trust leaving it up to the OS to scale them. Since the actual ratio is WIDER than the image ratio, I make my image 480 pixels high (the height of the native resolution), and (480 * 1.92 = ) 922 pixels wide. If the actual ratio is TALLER than the image ratio (say, 3:2 for example), then, base your dimension on the width. 800 pixels wide by (800 times 2/3 = ) 533 pixels high. Step 5: Re-size (scale, don't crop) the image to the native resolution of the screen: In this case, 800x480. It should look distorted on your computer. Now, upload the image to your stereo and see how it looks. If you measured correctly, you should have a perfectly non-distorted image. Update: I found in another thread that the physical measurements of the AVIC-8000NEX screen are 156.6 × 81.6 (mm). Thank you, jhren. So, base your original artwork at 921x480 pixels. My measurements were 1 pixel off.
  3. Splash screen on f550bt

    Can anyone tell me, how I change my splash screen on my 550bt unit. There's no option in the settings menu to change it.
  4. Really enjoying my 5000 NEX, streets ahead of my old F700BT. Some questions I haven't been able to find answers to: 1. Obviously you can change the splash screen, but it doesn't stay on very long (maybe <3 secs) before the 'Pioneer Loading' screen comes on (which stays on for maybe 5-6 secs). To me this defeats the purpose of having a customisable splash screen in the first place. I don't see any way around this, someone tell me i'm wrong. 2. When choosing an AV background screen, there are some pre-installed 'active' screens (sort of like a .gif) e.g. equaliser bars, moving polygons, molten lava, which are very cool. Is it possible to load custom ones from the SD card (as one can do with the regular .jpeg images) and if so, in what format? 3. The big one. I copied my FLAC music collection from my PC and the albums play flawlessly. However: - In 'Folder Browse Mode' the NEX appears to sort the folders (artists) in order copied/modified to the SD card, not alphabetically, a big pain when trying to find the folder (artist) you want. This is bad. The tracks within each sub-folder (album) play in the same order as on (and copied from) the original CD, which is especially important for concerts or other albums where tracks blend together. This is good. - In 'Music Browse Mode', the folders (artists) are sorted alphabetically, this is good. The tracks within each sub-folder (album) are sorted alphabetically also, so the tracks (especially concerts) are essentially playing in random order. This is bad. The only work around I can see is transferring the music in order (i.e. alphabetically by artist) to the SD card and using the 'Folder Browse Mode' to select the desired folder (artist). Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks in advance.
  5. It seems that the longer I search this forum and the more threads I read, the more confused that I get. I want to download a splash screen to my AVH-P4400BH. Can this even be done with non-navigation units? If so, what file type, image size and density or other parameters? I have seen folks post that everything from 3000x2000 to 400x240 are the correct size. Everyone can't be correct. Does it vary by part number? If so (or not) how should I size my file? Secondly, I cannot seem to find a set of instructions as to how to load the file. Do I just upload the file from a memory stick through the USB port? Any format/file structure concerns for the stick? Other upload steps? Pardon me if I seem to be asking questions that have been asked a multitude of times already, but I saw nothing in the pinned files or a search of threads in the last year that seem to provide the answers for me. So thanks in advance for your patience. The AVH-P4400BH is a dvd receiver that came out in 2012 I believe. I've had it for more than a year now in my Miata and it works well...just figure its time to personalize it. The file I want to use is a jpeg 800x480 that I created. But I can modify it to suit the requirements of my unit. Thanks. Ron