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Found 8 results

  1. I have much more of this over on reddit but figured maybe people here would like to know about this? https://photos.app.goo.gl/46nMYhJuvcZAKAMv5 https://photos.app.goo.gl/MQNnhGdgp98Ay2QL8
  2. I recently had my pioneer w8400nex installed into my 2011 honda crz. While attempting to adjust the volume on HD radio, the volume is adjusted but then it starts seeking channels. Has anyone had this issue? If so, how were you able to fix it? IMG_3919.mov

    Hey guys I've got a lil question I was driving the other day and it was a pretty bumpy road, when suddleny my volume started cutting out with each bump, it would go low then come back loud and so on. Eventually it just stayed like that and I could not adjust the volume, I would press the buttons and nothing would happen up or down... but some times lightly "slapping" the dash would get it to come back for a second... so I took it out to make sure all the connections were ok and they seemed fine. So the only thing I could think of was to do a reset of the settings. It worked and the volume controls work again, however I did not take the car for a drive and see if it would happen again, I am just concerned that there is a more serious internal issue. Anyone have the same experience or ideas on why it could be? Should I be concerened? I tried calling pioneer but unfortunately they're closed on the weekend Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!!
  4. So everything was working great yesterday and the NEX 4000 has been installed since they came out (so a while), but this morning clicking the volume increase button just displayed the volume but wouldn't let me increase it. The lower volume button had the same effect. The mute button did nothing. The other physical buttons all worked. I clicked on the EQ and found it grayed out. I went to audio settings and other than changing the mute behavior all other audio settings appeared to be disabled. What happened? My setup is the NEX4000 in a Miata, with the steering wheel controls (Metra ASWC-1). I have yet to try and reset the radio. I figured I'd ask the community first and try an avoid reconfiguring the radio. Like I said it was all working yesterday and for years. Any ideas?
  5. What's up guys, so after over a month of trying to figure out how to actually install this Z2, I got it in, to find that some of the dam buttons don't work.... The volume button doesn't change anything. And I noticed that they feel like they stick, and sometimes pushing them they don't even make a click type of reaction a button would do. Also the button to the right of the volume worked "selectively" when it wanted to... Not every time.. It's odd. Also the button at the very end, right side, does nothing when I press it, again like I said sorry I'm very new to this double din world, and have been studying and studying on how to install it, to find it doesn't even work well.... I got it off ebay or a pretty good price and it's is in great condition cosmetically... But what good is that lol... Also I notice whenever I use the touch screen buttons, right when I press a button it makes a engine whine for a sit second, the duration of the click of the button itself, so it's very quick, but when playing music, it's odd, doesn't have engine noise at all... If anyone is willing to take a few moments in helping me I'd really appreciate any suggestions as comments.... I almost regret all of this it's just been such a head ache, to find this now... :/ thanks guys.
  6. Hi all, Would really appreciate some advice! I've had my avic-f940bt installed in a Mazda 5 (08) for about a year and love it, but the other day I had the first problem. In changing the volume I started to hear an odd electronic crackling sound, kind of like feedback but just when the volume control was changed. Then the volume suddenly went loud and now it seems that somethings happened that means the volume is stuck louder. The volume control still has an affect but not as it should. To explain, it means that setting the volume to 0 the volume is just barely audible and then turning it up to setting '1' it comes out very loud. The rest of the settings still turn the volume up louder, but I seem to have lost control of the lower volumes. Also, until the volume is turned up higher it only seems to come out of one side of the speakers, then both as I turn it up higher. And when I play around with the sonic balancing etc pressing the arrows makes that strange electronic feedback sound beep each time I press (definitely not the normal beep on presses that you can turn on and off!). I don't think it's a faulty volume knob because it's the same with the steering wheel controls. I'm using the stock Mazda 5 speakers and no extra amp. I only changed the headunit. Could it be a fuse? Or a blown speaker? Or a wrong wiring that took a while to show? The other thing is that the GPS fix seems to be slightly out meaning that it's always behind now when I'm driving. But not sure if that's linked or just a reception problem. Any ideas or advice would really help and thanks in advance! Dan
  7. After searching numerous threads without success, I thought I would see if anyone has experienced a similar issue, and more importantly knows a solution. My 910BT has apparently lost power to the volume and bluetooth components. The LED backlight around the volume knob is now gone as well. Everything works, except the BT, and I have no volume adjustability (fortunately it was at about 50% when the module went out). Pioneer has graciously offered to ID the problem for $250, and then repair costs on top of that. Sounds like a fuse or internal power issue, I just don't kow where it is. Anyone?
  8. I used to have the avic z2, and on that navi i could change the volume of the "ding" sound when you press a button.. I have the Z130BT now and I can't find that setting anywhere. PLEASE tell me that is doable on this model, because that shit is annoying how loud it is!