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F60DAB info/ help request and a warning !

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Hi guys, looking for help on an old f60dab.

Sorry it's a bit of a long post but here's what happened so far...

I realise most users here have moved on, as I once did. I hope someone may be left who can throw some advice my way. But at the very least pls read this as a warning.

After screwing up a good mates  8 year old f60dab by failed updating? I have gone through many of the old posts of days gone by to try and remember what to do. I also tried to download relevant files to assist but sadly nearly all links dead or fail to download. I keep trying.

However with my mate screaming at me, I resorted to contacting pioneer service dept. and was sent to their UK service company Dtronix, Milton Keynes. A £39 assessment fee, plus my postage there and £18.00 back. Around £70 UKpounds in all.
They do have a well organised booking system.

After a few days they sent me a link to the description & quote for repair. (If you're considering this, sit down before reading!)
For a 'liquid contaminated display' repair (buttons stopped working after the failed update)
Reconnect internal ribbon cable, possibly me when I had to retrieve sd card behind screen.
REPLACE s.o.c main board, as it fails to boot and is 'dead'
£690.00 UKpounds + vat (tax)   That's not a typo, SIX HUNDRED, NINETY UKPounds

They did recommend it was not economical to repair - no sh1t !!

I declined the work and had the unit returned. Now i don't know much about coding or hacking but I was an electronic technician in a research dept. of a local University for many years.
So i stripped the unit down to asses the 'liquid contamination / damage' and see about repair. And as expected, not a damn thing wrong with any of it. Using a good microscope I examined every ribbon flex, pcb flex and connector. The touch screen, button flex and controller all perfect, if just a bit dusty.

So I spoke to service dept again at Pioneer UK and mentioned my concern & findings. I also asked why they couldn't re-flash the main board or provide necessary files. They said they would look into it but just emailed me a copy of the D-tronix report.
So a costly pointless waste of time. And confirmation if any needed, Pioneer UK don't care about customers or offer any support themselves. After that I personally wouldnt trust dtronix to re-string my washing line. Lazy money grabbing lying crooks !

In the meantime, I still have the unit 'bare'. There is no internal sdcard on this model and although buttons light up still they dont work, so no way to open display to insert a sdcard in the normal slot if needed.

I have tried with usb stick in the usb ports using goldenapple.tst that had been uploaded by asd255 / spectrax -but no effect.
But as this is a touch screen unit how can there be a button combination to press that there is with knob units?
Not sure if correct, I tried several times to download platform x000   Avic Fx60 EU FW-115.zip  by asd255 but these links are now several years old and don't work.

So I just don't no what else to do now. But as this once great forum is still here, maybe one day someone will find this and offer suggestions.




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Following on from this post, it is no farther forward. Like many have discovered now including myself that this site is all but dead.

I have been looking on here for weeks waiting for replies, going over very old posts, following suggestions and then trying to download various links to old uploaded files now all but obsolete.

You have to wonder where did everyone go ? Retired, new projects, new developments, new sites. I'm also guessing the russian invasion of Ukraine has diverted the interests of many posters from that part of the world.

But if anyone reading this does happen to have a copy of a UK sdcard system image F60DAB (yes it did have one after all just well hidden) please let me know or kindly upload it for myself and possibly many others looking.

It would have been nice if we could have all contributed to a central depository for the various files and hacks people once worked so hard to develop. Just to keep these old radios still working and compete against the scourge / scam of big corp flogging carplay  and google assistant and rip off dtronics, pioneers 'support company'.

Thank you

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