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DMH-WT7600NEX Stuck in Boot Loop

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I recently began having issues with my unit connecting to CarPlay.  The unit would prompt, "To use Smartphone Connectivity..., pairing is required, etc".  If I paired the unit, CarPlay would work until I powered off the unit.

I thought this was an Apple Problem, but I realized this thing was NOT saving any of my bluetooth devices at all. Every time I powered it off, it requests to re-pair again.  I went ahead and did a factory reset on the device, and now it's stuck in a boot loop.  I've pulled all power, still stuck.

I cracked the unit open and there is NO SD card for me to attempt a resurrection on this unit. Purchased in July 2021. Died in April 2023. The unit has never quite lived up to what I was hoping for. The UI would be unresponsive a good 50% of the time. Maybe I had a dud and the filesystem was throwing errors that caused all this. No idea, just guessing. Either way, this is my second Pioneer head-unit and both had lack luster UI response.

I purchased this Pioneer thinking it would have been a big improvement from my 4100NEX. Swapping units was going to be easy because they used the same power connections, etc. I really liked that. Not sure if I want to stay in the Pioneer family anymore.

Firmware 3.0



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I'm curious if this issue was ever resolved.  I'm having exactly the same issues.  Attempted a "factory restore" that made a maddening situation worse.  Unit now sticks in a boot up loop.  Splash screen for about 5-7 seconds, then black screen for about 7 seconds, then splash screen, etc.  Will do that all day long until I pull main power fuse.  

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