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no mnavdce.exe

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I was trying to upgrade run the unlock so i can upgrade my maps and now i'm getting the following message:


no mnavdce.exe, please copy your navigator ap ?


HELP PLEASE...I'm going on vacation in July (driving of course) and wanted to have get my map updated.

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Hey temp999 ..


Thanks for that unclock of Wince file. Now i got it to the main screen where there are 7 icons. I am not so sure what to do from here .. could you please help me from here, like what do i need or what do i need to do.


1: on screen keyboard 2: power off 3: show tas.. 4: SoftReset 5: Total commander 6: Windows explorer and 7: Wolftoolbar


I will really appriciate if you could help me from here. Thanks a lot.

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