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  1. When i click on the FILE to download it, it takes me to RapidShare and over there it says, Due to a violation of our terms of use, the file has been removed from the server. I understand that but is there any other way i can download this file? Please help me. Thanks
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    Hey temp999 .. Thanks for that unclock of Wince file. Now i got it to the main screen where there are 7 icons. I am not so sure what to do from here .. could you please help me from here, like what do i need or what do i need to do. 1: on screen keyboard 2: power off 3: show tas.. 4: SoftReset 5: Total commander 6: Windows explorer and 7: Wolftoolbar I will really appriciate if you could help me from here. Thanks a lot.
  3. Hey guys, this software finally helped me turn my Pioneer AVIC-S1 turned back on .... Now the problem i have is that i dont have the maps, its gone i know i didnt copy coz it was in the gps not on a SD card. The maps you have on your website, everytime i click on it to download, it takes me to rapidshare website and it says File not found. So could you please please help me get the maps up and running for me to download it and if there is anyway i can get the Original maps for AVIC-S1 maps back, i will truly really appricaite your help. God bless you. Thank you
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