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  1. its normal. I think that you can't fix it. Are you using the button on the back to turn it off?? If Yes then you will have to load igo.exe each time. Use the button on the top to turn it off. I think we all have the same problem
  2. I have to stay outside for about 15 -20 min. with GPS on. Its happened only for the first time. Try to set your satellite channel to 2 and baud to 4800.
  3. Okay guys. I have the newest iGo8 R3 version on my AVIC-S1. Now I'm looking for the newest maps. I already have a maps from 2008 but I heard that new ones comes out. Those are the maps I'm looking for: https://www.naviextras.com/shop/portal/ ... 100&area=7
  4. And How to install it. Also the newest maps. I already have the newest iGo8 running on my AVIC-S1,but right now I need the newest maps. Thank You
  5. "Nav N Go iG0 Amigo R4 series" or "Nav N Go iG08 R3 series" Please give me your impression on one of those softwares. What is the diffrence?How fast is it? How accurate? Thank You
  6. Some file is missing on the AVIC-S1. Probably you will have to reinstall the maps and software on the unit.
  7. The thing is my computer is gonna be off for couple moths. I don;t have the file on this PC.
  8. what u have to do is to load a unlocker on the memory card,insert to GPS and do soft reset.Black button on the back. After that everything should load automaticly.
  9. What blue screen?? Anyway u can't load it.Because to install it u need to be on the desktop of your GPS unit.
  10. You should bring back the AVIC-S1 link. Right now to find it you have to dig it in the others links
  11. Want a original document kit with DVD? Order here: http://parts.pioneerelectronics.com/par ... 2160900002
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