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Clicking sound when listening to XM channels and no traffic

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I've had an AVIC-N2 for a few years along with the XM/Nav Traffic receiver and everything has worked great. I recently took out the N2 and upgraded to a Z2. On the way home from the install shop, I fired up the XM only to find out that I was getting audio out of my left speakers and the right ones had a constant "clicking" coming out of them with no audio. None of my traffic info shows up either and if I view XM status in the menu it says not connected even though I can hear audio out of the left speakers. All speakers work great when listening to CD's/FM etc.


I checked the antenna wire and ip bus/data cable coming out of the XM receiver and everything looks ok. I also tried resetting the XM receiver. The install shop did hookup the XM unit to a different power source so i'm thinking maybe the splice didn't cut through all the way and the unit is getting low voltage. Anyone have any advice for me?



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