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  1. Xtant amp 4004

  2. Xtant amp 4004

  3. No,it doesn't work that easy. The thief may install it in his car,sell it on the street or take it to a pawn shop. By luck you may run across it on e-bay or a site like this and even then how can you be 100% sure it's your system?
  4. Xtant amp 4004

    Anyone familiar with this amp.? How does the quality compare to Alpine amps?
  5. Z-2 Stolen 1-3-09, Yorba Linda, CA

    EXCELLENT !!!! How much was the pain generator? I might have that added to mine.

    Excessive vibrations means your unit has become loose and needs to be retighten.Check your install.
  7. WTF!! FedEx Stole My D3

    Glad to see it finally worked out for you.
  8. My Rant

    I would get the paint from the dealer they have the exact color you need and read this, hope it helps. http://www.langka.com/clear_coat_repair.php
  9. D3 and F900BT Best Buy Locked?

    If you can find your answer here why don't you call up the BestBuy you bought it from? You have the receipt so there shouldn't be a problem.
  10. gps box

    No there's no external GPS box for the D3.
  11. what is a D3 worth?

    On Ebay they are selling for 500-600 without anything.I wouldn't pay that much but your number was a good price.
  12. what is a D3 worth?

    How much are you asking?
  13. 2008 Mustang GT

    Ok, looks like everything is working. Enjoy!!
  14. 2008 Mustang GT

    or maybe I'm misreading it. NastyStang can you clarify your question for us.
  15. 2008 Mustang GT

    He stated that he had full signal but his speed is still too high.I'm stumped.How is your Nav. working? Is it smooth working or is it erratic moving?