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  1. Z-2 Stolen 1-3-09, Yorba Linda, CA

    Thanks all for the concern. Good news is I was fully reimbursed for everything from my insurance. It is all finally back together. I added a few things to make it a little harder and to give me more time to make it out to the truck.. I added a battery backup and siren hidden under the car. I put a piezo "pain generator" deep in the dash, this thing is loud and ear piercing, at least the guy will be under a little more duress. I also added strobe lights in all four corners (interior) of the truck... Hopefully will attract a little more attention. BTW, the 5900 is the same alarm I have. I love all of the features.. Jason
  2. Won't Play DVD/R's

    I've never been able to play DVD-R movies in my player. I never spent too much time trying to figure out a way if some burn settings were changed if that would help. My player will only play originals. I always wondered if I was the only person having issues playing DVD-Rs (as far as movies go).
  3. Ill Wire or Dimmer Wire?

    I have an 04 Sierra and the dimmer wire from the stock plug did not work for me. I had to grab the wire at the light switch. Look at this great tutorial and you should find the correct wire. http://www.avic411.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3398 Jason
  4. Well, just had my truck broken into while I was at Bestbuy. Guy was a pro. I have a pager on my alarm, I just went in to return something, was waiting in line, pager goes off, within 10-15 seconds, I send my wife to go check on the car. She approaches it and the lights are flashing, no horn honking or siren. Guy sees her and jumps out of the car with my Z2 in hand, jumps into his truck and peels out of there. Guy was in the truck for probably a minute to two at the most. He had time to punch the door cyclinder, open the door, pop the hood, pull the relay (he knew exactly where it was) for the horn and cut the wire for the siren. Then went back into the truck and ripped the Z2 out of the dash. My wife caught him before he was able to get anything else. He already had the glove box open and had the XM module out, but did not have time to even cut the wires. He unplugged almost everything except the bluetooth, he cut that wire. He also left behind the RCA wire harness.. Please let me know if you see anyone selling a Z2 with a missing harness in the OC, CA area... I knew I should have gone out there as soon as the pager went off, my alarm never falses. I thought someone had bumped it or something. I am glad my wife did not actually make it all the way to the truck before he bolted. It's just a piece of equipment, but a pisser, none the less. Sorry, had to vent.. Jason
  5. Day/Night Photocell Switch...

    I installed a radio in my wife's c-class that has the headlights on all of the time. I actually tapped the wire that illuminates the ring around the cigarette lighter (which is conviently close to where the radio is), as that only comes on at night/in the dark. Just a thought, I don't know how the inside of the Volvo is set up, but this may be easier than pulling the instrument cluster to find that wire.. Jason
  6. I am talking about either the Peripheral or the PAC adapter that integrates with the factory steering wheel buttons. That has to be programmed when it is installed, if you did not do the install yourself, I would take it back to where you had the work done and ask them to reprogram it with the engine on.. If you are using the Pioneer remote, I don't think there is any reprogramming on that one.. If that is the one you are using, maybe you are hitting the track up/down button while turning or something? Jason
  7. Are you by chance using the steering wheel control module? Mine was doing something very similar and I figured out it was the steering wheel control module.. If you do have it, I would suggest reprogramming with the engine on to give it as much current as possible. That fixed my problem. If you are not using the module, I don't know what to tell you.. Jason
  8. Blackberry Curve

    I have a Curve from AT&T. Anyone have an issue with the auto-connect? I had a 8700c also with the same issue. The phone will not auto-connect, I have to manually tell it to connect to the Z2. Sometimes the blue light on the phone will light up, but the Z2 is not connected to it. I have to disconnect it on the phone and then manually re-connect it. Kind of annoying. I have a Clarion VRX785-BT in my wife's car and it has no problem auto-connecting to that. BTW, the streaming music from the curve to the clarion unit is pretty slick. Too bad the Z2 does not have that capability. Jason
  9. Sunvisor/Rear Display LCD Problem

    Glad it resolved the issue.
  10. Sunvisor/Rear Display LCD Problem

    Seems logical that if you are only connecting one display that it should be fine, right? I've had this issue in other cars, the video signal just isn't strong enough. I always make it a point to install a video amp when connecting an external monitor. I am not saying 100% this is your problem, but if you have exhausted all other ideas, this may be it. Let me know what the resolution ultimately ends up being.
  11. Sunvisor/Rear Display LCD Problem

    You probably need a video amplifier like this. http://www.directedvideo.com/va700.asp
  12. How to connect Z1 illumination in GM SUV w/"Auto"

    It's supposed to work that way. When the dimmer gives out enough voltage, the AVIC thinks it's night time because the dashlights are on and then subsequently dims the radio because it thinks it is dark and does not need to be so bright. Once the voltage drops to a certain level, the AVIC does not detect and thinks the "lights are off" and thus daytime and it needs to be brighter. Most cars have a wire to tap that is essentially the parking lights, but this seems to be the easiest (only?) one that will work at the switch. Jason
  13. How to connect Z1 illumination in GM SUV w/"Auto"

    Use the wire in this post. It should be the same wire in your 2003. I used it in my 2004 Sierra. http://www.avic411.com/forum/viewtopic. ... +silverado
  14. Z1 and PAC-SWIPS

    I was having all kinds of issues with mine, too (still have a few). What I did find was that if you program it with the engine on and it is a getting a strong, steady current, the programming seems to work much better. If I programmed it with just the ignition on, all kinds of weird things were happening. Jason
  15. Headphones don't work

    The audio out for the rear screens only works when you have a different source selected on the head unit and have the rear output set to "DVD" or "Aux" if you are using a PS2 or something. The unit thinks it is unecessary for the audio out to be enabled because, in theory, you are already listening to it on the car speakers. That's how mine works, at least. Jason