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  1. Rear view camera for Z2

    Hi, I started to have problems with my rear view camera. It looks like it needs to be replaced. Can anyone suggest a replacement. All the ones that I am finding have RCA connections where the current one does not. Any suggestions or advice would be most helpful. Thank you in advance, Howard
  2. Long time Z2 user. Really have had no problems since now. My rear view camera stopped working. Origianlly it would work then a couple of months ago it would work on and off. It would be working, then all of the sudden the picture started to go out and then come back. This went on for a couple of months until it completely stopped working. I was thinking it was just a loose connection and really didn't have time to hunt it down since I really didn't use it that much. But recently I purchased a trainler and can use the trailer viewing mode when traveling. I traced the problem back to the camera itself. It looks like the wires were loose and barely hanging onto the circuit board. I had to cut the wires 4 inches back from the camera to bring it to my shop to re-solder it. Once I did that I tried to resolder the sections I cut but it still does not work. Sometimes when I am playing with the wires I do get a video for a short period of time so I really do believe I am at the source. The camera is getting 2.4 volts steadily so I think it is the video wire. Any suggestions would be helpful. Do they sell just the camera, so I don't have to buy the whole kit? Thanks in advance, Howard
  3. New Map Update CNDV-1000HD

    Do these upgrades, effect the by-pass? I have the Z2, never upgraded before
  4. Z series and Radar Detector

    Thank you for your reply. How did you get the Traffic camera POI installed and where did you get the software? Thanks again, H-
  5. Z series and Radar Detector

    I am waiting for the day that a Radar/Lazer Detector can be integrated with the Z series and hopefully a hard mounted one. Has anyone seen this and know of any other service like this that can be used with the Z-Series? http://www.phantomalert.com/ Thanks, Howard
  6. Verizon Touch Pro and Z2

    Sorry to waste your guys time. There were extra settings on the phone that I had to enable to get it working. All is working fine for now. Thanks again.
  7. Verizon Touch Pro and Z2

    Hi, I am having difficulty pairing up the touch pro and the Z2 and was wondering if anyone else is having a problem or was able to do it. When I try to pair it and set my phone to search and go through the Z2 and try to establish setting through the navi system it can not locate the phone. But when I do it through the phone it sees it but, when I enter the Navi system passcode it does not accept it. I dont know if I changed the passcode, I dont even know if it is possible. Was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or suggestions. Thanks, Howard