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  1. FYI: Someone else needs to take over and make a new thread. I'm no longer sporting an AVIC.
  2. Your bypass guy prolly screwed up if you have a Z1 and it's not working right.
  3. 1. Connect the RCA input from the rear of the Z1 to the iPod Video. There are specific cables to give RCA outs from your iPod. Here is a guide to doing it cheaply, rather than Apple's overpriced version (link). So you just connect all that stuff and play! You'll have to tell your Z1 to look at the Video In (change your source until you see some movies). 2-3. ... 4. No.
  4. BestBuy is worthless; they did the same thing to me with the illumination wire. Capped it on the harness end. Thank God I didn't pay them for anything. They didn't complete the install since they wouldn't install the GPS receiver where I wanted it. Absolutely worthless. If you're getting an install from a big chain, go HiFi Buys. A friend had them do some work on his car and it was spectacular. They re-did the work the BestBuy folks and then some more, and it looks spectacular. Hid the amp completely in the trunk (made a new fascade to hide it in one of the trunk sides) and just ya...
  5. Use Nero, but make an audio cd. Not data. As for .m3u files, those are playlist files. So, although they may reference actual music files, that format in itself is worthless in regards to the Z2.
  6. If you don't see any visual differences, you may have 1 of 2 problems that I see: 1) The night/day setting is not set to automatic. 2) The IL wire (illumination) is not hooked up correctly I had this issue after my install and the IL wire was not hooked up. Stupid BestBuy guy who had done the wiring had just capped the wire instead of connecting it through the harness (he also didn't finish the install since they couldn't figure out how to mount the GPS externally b/c the wire was thicker than the Sirius cables they normally deal with. I then installed the thing myself).
  7. Ya, I didn't hook up my reverse wire in my 06 Sonata. Just capped it and tossed it somewhere. Since I was installing a Z1, I did the bypass and just grounded the parking break + special pin, and tapped the VSS wire.
  8. Z1/2 calculates speed based on the speed sense wire. Also, I'd assume the VSS wire also allows the Z1/2 to calculate mileage traveled. Sooo, why not connect the speed sense to ground temporarily until a better solution is found? Do this while doing the ground-the-hidden-pin bypass. This should alleviate the lock-out people experience when traveling over 15mph or after 30 miles.
  9. it lasts for 10,000 turn-ons! Then your screen dies!!!
  10. iPod A/V cables connect to the headphone jack, not the base of the unit. Example: What I've done is this: - connected the iPod connector module (CD-IB100II) and ran that cable to the center console (right near the cupholders) - connected A/V extensions to the RCA outs on the back of the Z1. Ran these to the glove box so now those A/V ports are easily accessible (stll have the same female connection). So.... - when I want audio, I connect to the iPod module and have on-screen display of the songs + on-screen control - when I want video, I connect to the RCA outs via a cheap iP
  11. I love it. On-screen controls (next/play/stop) and on-screen display of what's playing.
  12. Thats a good idea for when someone else is in the passenger seat and wants to pick specific songs that aren't related to play. Like Friday nights on the way to a bar or club, haha
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