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AVIC-90DVD Help Please! Please insert appropriate disk

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I downloaded, burned, and verified the cndv-80mt and installed it. Now I have no display except " Please insert appropriate disk" Can anyone please help me? The installation failed after about 5% and restarted and completed, now....nothing, no dvd display, no radio display, no back up camera display, no cd display. I can't access menus, I cant change it. Please please please can someone help me? Is there a way to undo what I've done?

Thanks in advance!

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If you downloaded the CNDV-80MT, you might have gotten the same version that I got which is missing some files necessary. Just take them from your old working disc and use a program like MagicISO to add them to the new ISO before you burn it. The files/folders listed in the JPG are commonly missing on newer map discs including the CNDV-100MT which I got working on my AVIC-80DVD. (Also make sure you replace the new DVI.DAT file with your old one)

post-46561-044322300 1290142368_thumb.jpg

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I'm having the same issue - I can't locate my original disc =( I believe this is the disc that came with my unit CNDV-70MTP EAST (USA) - anybody know of any torrent links or file hosting/ftp where i can find this disc?


Thank you!!! - i have searched the forum and was unable to find any links guessing cause the disc is too old


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!

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Okay I found my old original Pioneer 2007 map disc and checked out the files on the disc but not seeing the needed files that DV8er listed in his post above. (see attached images)


ac2d92a00d8b3d8c0417_1.jpg ac2d92a00d8b3d8c0417_2.jpg




Can anyone who has access to these files package them up in a zip file and post it somewhere? I've checked all my newer discs CNDV-90MT and CNDV-100MT and none of them have these files.


My AVIC N4 was working perfectly with the CNDV-90MT disc and started showing the 'Please insert appropriate disc' error after I attempted to upgrade to the CNDV-100MT disc. Has anyone managed to fix this problem themselves without having to send their head unit in to Pioneer or some eBay repair guys for $120.00?

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