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AVIC-N5 Bypass Does Not Work

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When I got my AVIC-N5 installed, the bypass where you solder the two pins together and ground the parking brake wire was done and it was successfull, but after a few weeks the unit somehow got smart and realized I was watching movies while driving. Now the message comes on that says my parking brake wire is improperly connected and I cannot watch videos if am going 10 mph or over. Can anyone shed any light on this situation? Thanks for your time.


Chris Reynolds

Wichita Falls, Texas

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I got my N5 yesterday. I used the same technique described on other posts. It is the same as the N4. You use an extra wire in the second "magic" slot, ground it. Also ground the parking brake. You should be good to go.

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So I don't know where to post this, but it is in my opinion the best way to bypass. You will be able to view the navigate screen and watch a movie at the same time.

so here is the scoop...

Equipment you need: one video cable (yup that is it)

So this works if you are using the Hide Away Unit (which everyone has, it is probably under the driver's seat)

First: Plug in the video cable as diagramed below


Second: Turn on the rear camera feature on the display unit.


Third: Set display to the one that shows the rear camera and the map. The screen will be a bit smaller, but we also get the option of driving, knowing where we are going, and watching a movie. (All bench work of course.)

I’ll post a video and pictures when I get the time.


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