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Spreadsheet on AVIC-F90BT? Any text input?

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Is there any type of add on, or possibly just a built in feature where'd I'd be able to input numerical data and have it saved for the next time I enter in?


I'm looking to do this to track my MPG on my vehicle. I wasn't sure if any of your fancy hackers had come up w. some sort of Microsoft Office add-on so I could use excel, or something with a similar function so I thought I'd ask.

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It would be possible with MioPocket or LeetLauncher 3, if you don't mind losing the Radio/iPod/XM/Sirius functions while you're booted off the SD card into those environments. MioPocket already has the Office apps hacked in IIRC, with LeetLauncher 3 you would need to copy them over to the SD card somewhere to use. I haven't personally tried MioPocket with my AVIC-F90BT yet, but it runs pretty well on my iPaq 310.

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