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NEW UNIT (Replacement Z-series?): F10

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...ALL NEW Z-series, the Z110. Its really cool and you will love the features and all the new patented technology it comes with, cant wait to get my hands on them...only downfall is that they got rid of the 30GB hardrive
- Quoted from Re: 5 Days until the Pioneer Road Show!


So it sound like they dropped the media storage all together but put control of it on us. Actually a good idea. For those who want a huge library just mount a HDD. And messing with it will not affect the OS.


"Compatible portable devices with a USB connection, such as hard drives and flash memory drives, can be linked through the available USB cable that is connected to the rear of the unit. The system also accepts compatible SD memory cards through the slot located behind the motorized front panel." - 2009 Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT Navigation System.pdf

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The more I ponder on the issue of HDD based storage... the more I'm coming to realize that I like the idea of doing away with it. We here at Avic411 have been getting an influx of people lately who, to my eyes and (professional) opinion, have failing HDDs. This is most likely due to the environment the HDD operates in. Regardless of whether it is rated for that kind of abuse or not, sooner or later (more likely sooner) the HDD will die with that kind of activity.


Some people now might be wondering why Pioneer probably didn't replace the spinning disk type drive with a solid state. The reason for this comes down to cost effectiveness. The technology is still in enough infancy that it would not be worth the extra cost and time it would take to implement. I think Pioneer made a good move by taking out the HDD and instead placing maps and data on chips inside the unit. SSDs are too expensive, while flash memory is absurdly cheap.


I recently "acquired" an iPod Touch (found it laying around, could not find the owner so finders keepers) so I am even more excited to see if this new unit cooperates well with iPods. I would never buy an iPod or any other Apple product by choice but if I don't have to pay for it, I'm game :lol:

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