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  1. Z110BT > Z120BT UPGRADE IS OUT!

    Ya having the update as two separate purchases would be nice for some but it is not. This is really becoming a bitch and whine thread. Lets move on to any one who has tried the update and related things.
  2. Addon Protocol

    Hey John, A while back I got pretty serious in trying to do something like this and the best thing we could come up with is making a seperate DAQ or SCADA system that outputted a standard video feed in to the AVIC's video in. Down sides are no interface with the touchscreen (you need a mouse), and no integration with the AVIC system (no mix of info and media also the alarms for sensors would only be useful while on the dashboard screen). If you really want this stuff the only option I know of is to ditch the AVIC and basically build your own NAVI (carputer). If you find something better please let us know.
  3. Z110 and CD Changers

    Ya I see your point. I would just like to see the XDVP6 be a little more integrated. Oh well. But maybe they are heading more towards SS. Assuming that lack of a max on USB listed in the 120 manual is correct.
  4. New Avic-X920BT and Avic-Z120BT User Manuals!!!

    I noticed this too. That was one thing that kinda discouraged me about the 110.
  5. Blu Ray?

    I agree that iPod are a better solution for the average user wanting large media storage but what I would like to see is better support for drives. Being able to add a large HDD or SSD would kick. Just think you could have a TB of storage for media!
  6. Z110 and CD Changers

    I kinda agree with CDs but the XDV-P6 is also a DVD changer. Using 6 DVDs would still kick. Actually you would think they would make one of those 12 cd changers to a DVD changer. And if they are really heading towards using mostly SSD instead of optical you would think they would design them with out the low max on the flash drives.
  7. MSN Direct to be shut down

    Ya I would guess something like this will happen. I was thinking they would use something like the cell units in the on-star modules (I think those are basically a high wattage cell phone) that is wired to the HU like the other add on units. This would also line up with the MSN comment of I am thinking of this is kinda like the analog to digital conversion earlier this year for TV. Same data (actually more) will be broadcaster just in a better method. The down side is you will need some new HW to receive and convert things. And in reality this is a service provided by one company not a national standard so things likely were not planed out by end users. This does suck but think of the position Pioneer is in. There is a good chance they found out about this not too much before we did. And if so, they will need some time to figure out what a solution will actually be. Do you expect them to tell customers specifics about fix on a system while they are still planning it out? All I really expect them to say now is, Sorry for the inconvenience and we will get this fixed. Now if that is all they have to say in ~6 months then I will go in to WTF mode.
  8. POI / Red Light Cams

    I guess I could . But I would rather look at what is going on in an intersection then check my exact speed and then try and remember what the speed limit is. But as you mentioned the POI will not help this because you really need a prompt well before the intersection. Oh well.
  9. POI / Red Light Cams

    True but in many places "red light" cams are also speeding cameras. So 5 over could be a ticket.
  10. MSN Direct $99 Lifetime NO LONGER AVAILABLE

    WOW I really need to learn how to count, that or sober up when I am on here... Ya I agree you will likely save with this "bulk" membership and with that forth year (I am so stupid), it sounds even better. I am just grumbling about what will happen in '14 and their term "Lifetime". Actually I am thinking of getting one of those from BB now even though I probably wont have the Z110 till later this year.
  11. MSN Direct $99 Lifetime NO LONGER AVAILABLE

    Not to be a cynic but I am assuming that in 2014 the service will change or something so we will need to renew or upgrade memberships. But at that point the services we are buying today will probably be lame in comparison to what will be current so we will probably want to upgrade. But if I am correct, $130 is a for three years is still a better deal then $150 (also assuming the yearly price stays at $50). So now I am just arguing with my self.
  12. Using CDX-P1280 changer with Z110BT

    Isn't the D3 listed as compatible with the XDV-P6. So how does this tell us that the Z110 work with it?
  13. USB full of MP3's... but not in any discernible order

    Wow so it shows the random order that windows writes file. Well it is cool you got this fix.
  14. Best price??

    Humm I am in the US. I can act as a middle man if you would like ... for a small fee or favor that is .
  15. DNX9140 or AVIC-Z110BT

    Come on now, if you are going to make a comment like that could you tell us what you think is so flawed?