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well they decided to break into my car that had been sitting idle at my shop in milford connecticut for quite a while. it was parked behind a locked gate hidden behind many other vehicles.


they were stupid enough to not take the navi discs so if anyone in the area comes across a unit without discs let me know.


or if anyone from my local area inquires about discs also let me know.


they did alot of damage to the exterior paint and the dash and ceneter console of my car.


they also used white latex gloves...because when they took them off they broke into a bunch of pieces all over my car.

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Make sure to keep an eye on Craigslist and eBay... also visit the local auto-repair or audio shops along with pawn shops... they've gotta get money for their work somewhere... and criminals generally aren't that intelligent so they will slip up sooner or later. They wouldn't be criminals if they were a genius. :D


Sorry to hear about your loss, good luck to you.

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