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HELP: Front speakers aren't working?

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I have an MB Quartz set in the front doors (6x9 and tweeter with crossover) and 6.5's in the rear door. My head unit is a Pioneer AVIC-D3. I also have a single 10 inch sub and amp ran off the subwoofer-out leads.


I had a 5 channel amp running the separates that I have since taken out and sold. I had ran RCA cables off the back of the head unit to the amp, then custom wiring to the speakers.


Since removing the amp/wiring/RCA cables, I have purchased the Crutchfield wiring harnesses so I can plug into the factory harnesses. The rear speakers work fine, but now the front speakers aren't working (speaker OR tweeter). I double checked all my wiring, checked that all harnesses are connected on the back of the head unit, and checked the fader settings on the head unit. I also checked my Tacoma's fuses, and all are good to go.


I am stumped and frustrated. Thoughts?



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