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I hope someone can help me!!


I bought an AVIC-X910BT 2 weeks ago, and as soon as I had it installed, I downloaded and installed the newest update from pioneer 3.sonething. After that my unit like many others it started to reboot by itself every 5 minutes or so, and I went into this forum to find some answers.


I downloaded the files from itchybot and followed all the instructions and I am stuck with a black screen. I can go into CE again anytime, but when I reset it using the reset and the eject button I get the same black screen.


Something I noticed was that when I try to change the flash dump there is nothing there. There must be something I can do, at least get it back to its original software. Since I am new at this, (stupid me) I did NOT make a backup of the original files on the unit.


Anyone? Anyone?

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Ok, I did it, and with a Mac. I figured out that I was not using Explorer to replace all the files. I did just that and restarted my AVIC and there it was. I replaced all of the files from My Flash Disc with the files I downloaded with the same name from this blog.



Thanks a bunch!!

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What did you use to open the files. I clicked on Start then Windows Explorer. Is there a copy of software you can post or email? I think I have a bad copy. My X910 is doing the same thing. Any help would be greatful.

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