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  1. Rear screen or dif audio/video source simultaneously

    I do have 2 rear screens and noticed the only time the rear screend show something is when it is on DVD.
  2. I can not find this file /APL2/iGo" on my unit do I have to use a MAC? I dont have access to one. Any one have a PC version? HELP!!!! Radio is dead.
  3. Tried to install the software from the Torrent link in this forum. I am not able to find any of the directories the instructions tell you to use. Can I get a good copy and instructions sent to me? PLEASE HELP. I cant ride around with no music to much longer. You can send it to biggsimm@hotmail.com Yes I put my email address here. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!

    What did you use to open the files. I clicked on Start then Windows Explorer. Is there a copy of software you can post or email? I think I have a bad copy. My X910 is doing the same thing. Any help would be greatful.
  5. Complete 3.0 Install Guide

    Oh I have a new X910BT I am using it on. And I say again HELP!!!!!!
  6. Complete 3.0 Install Guide

    I did what it said twice and I do not have the APL file or directory in the My Flash Drive folder. HELP!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Complete 3.0 Install Guide

    Is it me or does it take a long time for the complete Torrent to down load?

    So is it worth getting rid of my Z3 to get the new F90 series?
  9. Dash Kit

    Sorry to tell you brother you are out of luck. I am in the same boat. I have an 05 RX330 and know one makes a kit for that either. Maybe we should spend a few years in school getting the skills and then get a business loan and put our selves more in debt and try to open a business making oddball dask kits. Sorry was in lala land for a second. I am just hoping the companies come out with kits for vehicles like these we own soon.
  10. 92 4Runner VSS

    This is from the Audiovox tech web site. Speed Sense GREEN/BLUE (AC) PASS KICK AT ECM Check the site out it is www.techservices.audiovox.com They have some good info for all cars.
  11. Reverse Wire Location in 07 Yukon

    If you have bose and are still using your On Star that harness you should be using is the METRA GMOS-LAN-02. In the instructions it tells you where to put the VSS the Reverse and the Parking brake. No need to go antwhere but right to the harness to get all your connections. They did this one right. Here a a copy of the instructions from the Metra web site Connect the Green wire to the parking brake wire of the aftermarket navigation radio. Connect the Blue/Pink wire to the VSS or speed sense wire of the aftermarket navigation radio. Connect the Green/Purple wire to the reverse wire of the aftermarket navigation radio. God Speed
  12. Crappy turn signal sound

    If my wife would agree she would already be there.
  13. Can i use these on my Z3? I am having problems loading pic onto my Z3. It is not recogizing the CD. It says CD-Rom inserted and that is it. Any ideas? Thanks
  14. 08 F150 VSS

  15. Z3 Bypass- HELP PLEASE!

    You can do it by disconnecting it from the brake wire and ground it to your vehicle frame.