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Receiving Phone Call

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Does anyone know why when receiving a call the call comes up initially on my screen and then goes away and states disconnected. If I flip open my cell the call then works through the speakers. I just can't seem to answer the phone from the touch screen of the AVIC. The caller ID only pops up for a split second and then goes away.

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Phone: Samsung A640


Provider: Sprint



Just to clarify, the bluetooth does work and I can talk through my car speakers. It's just that when the phne call comes in it shows up on my screen for a second and then goes away. If I'm fast enough I could press the green button to answer the phone and it works, but If I miss it I have to open my cell to answer it and then I can talk through my car speakers. I don't know if it has something to do with my phone settings or the AVIC.

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Try changing the setting from "open to answer". Most flip phones you can open and VIEW whose calling. Change that setting and in the bluetooth setting try setting it up for auto answer. Unless you prefer to deny or accept calls. FOR SINGLE PEOPLE THAT DATE ALOT....... THIS SETTING WOULD/COULD BE A MISTAKE. I would avoid that. :twisted:


Good Luck!!

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