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SD Card problem connecting to PC HELP!!

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recently i'm having trouble connecting my SD card to the PC, its a 8gb card formatte in FAT32, PC is running on vista, i've had no problems reading the card before until last week. sometimes i can see the card reader's drive letters appearing when i plug it in, but most of the time i just get nothing. and when i do vista is not able to 'see' the card in the cooresponding drive. anyone experiencing the same problem? also does the F900bt support other format other than FAT32? NTFS perhaps? thanks in advance

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do you have another computer you can the card out on ? maybe try to format it from another pc.


depending on your computer you may not see a drive letter for your card until you put the card in.


i have also seen instances where mapped network drives on the computer may be using the same drive letter as the sd card, this may prevent you from accessing either the network drive or the sd card drive. If you don't have a network this is probably not your issue.


do you have a camera that takes those same type of cards, you can put the card in a camera and hook that up to the computer as well.

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