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  1. FX3.1 Complete Firmware Image

    I am also trying to get it now. Thanks!
  2. SInce you have been changing hardware, are you sure the IP Bus cable is in the correct connector? When I was installing my HD radio adapter I noticed if it was in the wrong port, it would still show up and be able to display radio info, but no sound.
  3. AVIC X940BT with Pioneer GEX-P20HD

    I do not have that exact setup, I have a F90BT and GEX-P10HD but assuming it is similar enough... On the HD adapter, the black and yellow wires are the ground and power wires respectively and can connect to the same place that they do for the radio. The IP Bus cable goes from the radio to the HD adapter's "OUT" or "OUTPUT" Connect the antenna in the car to the HD radio adapter (I used a Y Cable for the antenna and connected it to both the radio and the HD adapter, so that both will work) If the radio does not work, recheck your wiring for it without the HD Radio adapter connected. If you ground ANY yellow wire, the BEST thing that will happen is it won't work. OR you may blow a fuse in the car, or the radio harness, or blow the device entirely!
  4. SD Card / USB input not working

    Also, I was wondering, can you use a CD or DVD with the files on it? That would be a much cheaper way of keeping a permanent copy of them handy.
  5. AVIC F310BT working but no sound

    Glad you got it sorted!
  6. SD Card / USB input not working

    No, I believe the software is the same for 700 and 900s. They all report as 700s. (I am fairly sure on this, but not %100)
  7. AVIC F310BT working but no sound

    If it is a amp turn on issue, I think there is a setting on the radio for the accessory wire for "Power" or "Antenna" mode.
  8. I am actually very pleased with the HD Radio add on. I have the F90BT and GEX-P10HD in my Dodge Charger. I live in the Pittsburgh area and there are several radio stations that I normally would not listen to but the HD sub bands (some have 2-3 EXTRA Channels) on them are better sounding, and great content. You do need a good signal for the Digital part to lock on, and in fringe areas it is annoying when it cuts in and out. BUT when you have a good signal, the extra channels are great. Go to hdradio.com and choose your city and see all of the extra broadcasts. I bouth my F90BT used on eBay and chose it because it came with the GEX-P10HD. I am all for buying hardware for FREE content instead of buying subscriptions to content like Sirius and XM. The lack of preset names is a setback, but I am used to all radios in the past never labelled presets, you had to remember what all 18 of them were. It does show track/artist/station info while listening just fine. The sound is a little less loud, I assume that is part of the external receiver setup. And yes, you do need to hook up your antenna to it, I used a simple Y-Cable and have my antenna going to both receivers, no issues. I can switch between them at will. Is it perfect, heck no, but it is very usable, and sounds great. Just make sure you have a digital signal, not analog, before comparing (It will display the connection type) and once you get a digital lock on, you will see if there are sub channels.
  9. AVIC F310BT working but no sound

    That is exactly what I was thinking. Maybe hook up a cheap external speaker to the output wires to test if it is the radio or the car that is the problem.
  10. AVIC F Series Knob Replacements

    I may bite on one, but not sure which I want. If you get very low on stock, please feel free to remind me. I haven't reinstalled the radio yet.
  11. F900BT F90BT F910BT What is the difference?

    I goofed, sorry. I have the F90BT (premium) with hi volt ouputs and it came with iPod cable, and the 910 is the X910BT, not F910BT. And I think the X910BT is the source for the 3.x firmware, correct?
  12. I have the F910BT and every post, every accessory, update... refer to he 90 or 900, not the 910. I forget the differences since I got mine. I know there was a "Premium" and something with pre amp outputs as well as iPod cable. Is there a page describing all of the differences?
  13. I am finally going to put this in a car again. PAC came out with a new can bus adapter for Chryslers that also does steering wheel outputs to the PWI-PS. I haven't used it in over a year, and was wondering what all I missed in the cool hacks areas, and features. I may also want to update my maps after installation. I am looking forward to the HD Radio again. It will cost me about $250 to put it in my Charger, most of that is the stupid Dash Bezel for navigation radios... So if anyone has any insights on this, please reply, thanks!
  14. I had my F910BT in a 2008 Kia Amanti. I just traded it for a new 2011 Sportage SX Turbo with all the toys. I removed all of my system and put the other car back to stock when I traded it. I also have a 2006 Charger RT (love the hemi!) that I was thinking of putting the 910 into. Thanks to this site, I have it updated to 3.0 and several functional mods added, and I honestly haven't read much on this site for the last year or so, since I have been so pleased with it. Anyone have any tips for putting into a Charger specifically fit & finish wise, or Chrysler in general for hook ups. My Charger has the factory higher end system without navigation. It has the 6 disc changer CD/MP3 head unit with uConnect bluetooth and steering wheel controls. It also has factory sirius setup, but it is not active. What all can I keep of the factory setup? For my F910, I also have the HD Radio, and the steering wheel add on that I used in the KIA, which I don't think will work. I think I need a CAN Bus one. Also, have I missed anything cool iPod wise or bluetooth/wifi? I