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  1. Upcoming Apple CarPlay support!

    I read an article that was released today saying Pioneer was signing a deal with Apple to support CarPlay in upcoming head units and possibly current ones too! Thought I'd start a thread about it as new info comes out on it. I'm really hoping they will supply a firmware update the next few months to support the AVIC-Z150BH with CarPlay and all lightning iDevice's (5/5c/5S).
  2. Z150BH Rear Zone Video Output Questions

    I have the Z150 in an 07 avalanche and it has a factory overhead lcd screen in it. I just ordered this off eBay to get it to work: PAC GMRVD GM DVD Overhead LCD Retention Cable Harness (310387778656)
  3. Lightning extension cable for iPhone 5S

    I bought that one a while back and it broke after a few months. Plus it didn't fit with my Caze iPhone 5S bumper. Bought this one and waiting for it to come in... hopefully it works: http://imod.co/shop/lightning-extension-cable-for-ios-7/
  4. So I got my z150 and love it. It's definitely a huge upgrade from the z110. Everything works EXCEPT my factory drop down/overhead LCD monitor. I have a 2007 Chevy Avalanche and it came with the vehicle. I had the pro audio installer try to hook it up but he couldn't get it to work. After doing a little searching on google, I found the PAC GMRVD on eBay which is an interface cable that works in conjunction with the OS-3 interface to retain the overhead Panasonic LCD monitor and IR factory headphone system. http://www.ebay.com/itm/PAC-GMRVD-GM-DVD-Overhead-LCD-Retention-Cable-Harness-/310387778656 Does anyone here have experience with the PAC GMRVD cable or the PAC OS-3? I have the PAC OS-4 interface to retain Bose/Onstar already and after researching the OS-3, it seems as if it does the same exact thing as the OS-4. I'm just a little lost bc the GMRVD cables description specifically says the OS-3 is needed and I really don't want to have to buy the os-3 interface if the os-4 i already own will work. If anyone has done this or knows if I can use the OS-4 instead of OS-3 please let me know. Thanks in advance guys.
  5. nav fit for vehicle

    I had the Z110 in my 08 tahoe so he is full of crap! It will 100% fit. I actually just ordered the z150bh and will be putting it in my 07 avalanche.
  6. Z110 t0 Z130 update software

    @JasonH - I have the crappy/discontinued MSN Direct Tuner in my car. Are the plugs to the new ND-TMC10 direct plug-n-play to replace my MSN direct tuner? In other words, is it going to be a direct replacement?
  7. Connecting an IPAD to the Z130BT

    Yes that is true but they also changed the power consumption going from ipad to ipad 2. I have both of them and I can charge the ipad 2 on my iphone 4 usb home charger and USB PC laptop cable whereas on the ipad 1 I could not do either of those.
  8. Connecting an IPAD to the Z130BT

    Just chiming in to let you know it works on the iPad 2. I used my ipad (wifi only) and my ipad 2 (verizon 3G) from work on my avic Z110bt (hacked to z120bt) and it works great. It also worked great on my iPhone 3GS and current iPhone 4. I ran netflix and pandora radio using the pandora app and the pandora link app. If you run just the pandora app on the ipad 2, it does work but it does not show the Music information (title/artist/album cover). It only shows all that info if you actually use the Pandora Link app. I also tested Netflix TV-out capabilities using the pioneer usb/iDevice cable and was able to successfully stream video on my iPhone 4/iPad/iPad 2 to my z110bt.
  9. New Z130BT Firmware Update 3.001 available

    @ShortFuse- WOW that sounds like a good thing for all of us! When do they plan on releasing the actual Z130BT full upgrade anyways?
  10. I-pod cable??

    I tried doing the same thing as nypathfinder because I didn't have the cable yet. After I got the CD-IU50V it worked fine.
  11. Z120BT USB Hub + Hard Drive

    I own 2 external 2.5" portable hard disk drives. One takes two cables (data and power), the other one takes one (both data and power in one). Neither of them worked with my screen. I need an external power source like a cigarette lighter to USB plug to test this but I haven't had the time. When I try it out i'll post my results as well.. Lemme know how your install goes!
  12. sd card reading issues

    You MIGHT get lucky and download a video file in .AVI that will work on the screen... Literally by LUCK I uploaded a few to see if my downloaded movies (with no conversions) would play on the screen and a few worked (most did NOT). BUT the sticky thread above will show you the format that the video actually has to be in. The conversion method in the sticky works, but it is a long and arduous process. Your best bet is getting an ipod and downloading .mp4 video's (the only format Apple iOS devices will take for video). I have rooted/jailbroken iPad with the VLC app with uploaded AVI format movies, and with TVOut (Cydia app), I think I might be able to get other formats (other then mp4) to play... unfortunately I just thought of this and i'm out of town without my vehicle, but when I get home i'm going to test it... Might be a workaround for movies if you have an iphone... the SD card way works, but IMO it is a pain in the ass. Wasted a whole day converting movies for my SD card and half didn't work (this was before the stickied thread).
  13. Vegas here we come!

    Well that's good news for us 110/120 users. I really hope we get to use the new tuner. Just played with the Aha Radio app on my iphone 4 and IMO it SUCKS. I don't feel like listening to some bullshit computer voice mis-pronounce every other word for facebook status updates that gets posted OR the traffic updates which are virtually useless. Anyone else try this App and actually LIKE it???
  14. differences between z120bt and 2011 z130

    @Jason - is app mode gonna work for Z110/Z120 people when they upgrade to 130 firmware? and do you know if there are going to be anymore UI or NAV UI changes?
  15. Post CES Feedback/Requests Here

    wow what a huge miscommunication on pioneer's part! It all sounds like it should work though so i'll keep my fingers cross till this summer when this comes out. Can't WAIT to get rid of msn direct and try something new!