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I've recently bought an European Avic-f900BT and i'm portuguese so I would like to install the portuguese TTS voice on my device. I've read the user manual, where it is written that the TTS voice files are on the CD provided with the device, but I've explored the mentioned cd and I can only find the PDF manuals, no TTS voice files... Can someone please upload them or tell me where to find them?

Thank you

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Hello, I'm in the same kind of trouble.

After updating my F930BT with CNSD-310FM EU 2012, I've lost the french for France TTS voice.

Could anyone upload this, please ?



EDIT : what I need exactly is al folder "TTSData_FRF" with 8 files like these ones (I'm not sure for the names...) :









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Finally my french TTS voice "Virginie" is back! :-D

I found the needed files on the net and manually pasted them in a "FRF" folder in NDATA\TTSDATA : the voice appeared in the language selection menu after a reboot.

I guess I'm lucky because I tried to import other languages with my original DVD (SPE, ENG...) in the official way and it didn't do it...

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