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Robert Hodgen

F90BT Smart Car Install [Video]

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Hello everyone,


I helped install a Pioneer AVIC F90BT in my dad's Smart fortwo and thought I would record and make a short how-to video. For anyone who's got a Smart this ought to help if you're considering getting an AVIC. The install took about an hour and all you need is basically a T-25 torx and misc. tools for wiring.



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Hello... I just watched your video on youtube... I have a couple of questions...

Can you please provide me with a detailed parts list for this project (as shown in ur YouTube video).

Also someone mentioned that you did not show how you connect the wire to the parking break... can you please help me with this...

I just bought a 2011 smart light shine edition and I want to do exactly what you did in the video for your father's car.

Thank you for your time and help.

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