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  1. Quick Demo Video of Aha (Updated)

    But will it do text messages? Twitter and Facebook are cool and all but I care more about incoming texts then I care about someones facebook post.
  2. Quick Demo Video of Aha (Updated)

    Who doesn't have an iPhone now a days? I don't think I'd ever use that Aha thing anyhow, it looks like a marketing gimmick to me.
  3. removing the face screen

    Not that I know of, but why would you care about a speck of dust when there are fingerprints all over the outside?
  4. The New Sony Nav Units Look GOOD!!!

    Yeah, maybe Jason could change the group to something different than "members" and give it a purple color (like his is red) lol. Anyhow, I don't want a big tom tom in my dash and the AV screen looks like it's from the 90s.
  5. * Who *IS* JasonH ?? *

    Isn't your dad an MIT graduate Jason?
  6. The New Sony Nav Units Look GOOD!!!

    If thses are like everything else Sony makes they're going to be orphaned and not supported in 3months when they release their next gen navis. It never fails with Sony stuff, theyre worse than Apple in this reguard.
  7. Ipod and Z120BT Performance?

    I've never hooked a SD card or USB drive with music up because the iPod works so great, definitely give it a try.
  8. Ipod and Z120BT Performance?

    I've got an iPhone 3GS hooked up through the iPod interface and it's great. It does take a half second (or so) to load additional song titles when you first start scrolling through a playlist, but not bad considering how fast you gotta scroll to get into that. You can pickup a 8GB iPod nano for $149 and give it a shot. There's also tons of videos on YouTube, checkout the AVIC411 YouTube channel if your looking at how it works.
  9. iPad Control On the Horizon

    The iPad pulls a lot of power, the only real thing I use it for is the MLB At Bat app and when it's tethered to the Mac even when it says it's charging it usually stays put (if I start it at 85% it will stay at 85% until the game is done, or maybe pickup 1-2% over the course of a few hours). My guess is Apple didn't have time to code the UI for when it was connected in 3.2 so they plan on finally putting it in with 4.2. Or they didn't think it was necessary and they wanted to be able to say 4.2 added X more features. Either way I don't plan on using it with the AVIC, it's a little too big to fit into my glove box.
  10. iPad Control On the Horizon

    Yeah, older cables still charge it, but only in Mac OS X. Even if the MacBook Pro is sleeping it says it's not charging, but it does, just slowly and not that it ever charged that quick.
  11. iPad Control On the Horizon

    Only "new" Macs can charge the iPad, talk about Apple trying to make stuff obsolete. Even my MacBook Pro won't charge the iPad when I'm in Windows 7, it's gotta be some driver thing Apple does to tell the iPad it's "OK" to say it's charging.
  12. iPad Control On the Horizon

    Will try first chance I get.
  13. OS X 10.7 "Lion" aka Magic Kitty

    Wow that's not cool, but at least there isn't a "Magic Droid" or "Droid Magic" yet, Apple has the "Magic mouse" and "Magic trackpad"...
  14. Z120BT and Iphone 3GS bluetooth audio

    Bluetooth audio is buggy for me too. Try changing inputs a few times, like iPod or some other input back to Bluetooth, I find that helps. Also make sure it's configured for Bluetooth audio streaming and not hands free only. If all else fails try restarted the iPhone, sometimes mine won't connect to hands free until a reboot, some Apple bug.
  15. Z120BT Security Passcode

    Page 185 "Setting anti-theft function" Download it here: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/StaticFiles/Manuals/Navigation/AVIC-Z120BT_OperationManual0129.pdf