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Can't Import a Background from a disc !!!

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Here I go to the well Again !!

I trying to change my background on my Z1. I downloaded some NICE backgrounds from this site. All .jegs. I added a dummy file to get over 100mb like the instructions say. install the disc. the disc is read. comes up cd-rom inserted, but when I go to change my background the import from disc prompt does not light up. only the ones that came with the unit. I must have burned 8 disc formatted in every way it would let me.

What am I doing wrong?

I'am not computer savoy, just enough to be dangerous.


Help please :oops:

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The following is cut directly from the owners manual.


You cannot use a CD-R (-RW) containing MP3

files or the Audio data part (CD-DA part) for

importing pictures.

❒ When storing pictures on a CD-R (-RW), create

a folder named “Pictures†in the CD-R (-

RW), and store the picture files in this folder.

(Up to 200 picture files can be used in total

including pictures are already stored in the

hard disk drive and pictures in the CD-R (-


❒ When you burn a CD-R (-RW), limit the number

of folder hierarchy levels to eight.

❒ You can only use single-session format for

importing pictures.

❒ Only JPEG format (“.jpg†or “.JPGâ€) pictures

can be used. Progressive format JPEG pictures

cannot be used.

❒ You can only use standard characters (alphabets

of both cases: A-Z, a-z) and numbers (0-9)

for the file name (international (accented)

characters cannot be used).

❒ Pictures up to a maximum of 2 592 x 1 944 pixels

can be used. We cannot guarantee proper

operation for a picture bigger than this size.


Based on what that says, I'd say make sure the pictures follow the name restrictions. Make sure the disc is burned mode 1 and finalized. What program are you using to burn the discs? YOu are putting the pics you want to import in a directory called pictures on the cd right?

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im also having problems... there seems to be bars on both sides of the image even tho its clearly big enough for the entire screen

That means you don't have it in 500x240 resolution!

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