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  1. Custom Background Gallery

    Now that I finally got my Z1 rolling, figured out how to do background pics. How bout some of you kickass artist do some pictures of a F150 Lariat Please :D . Also Paid by Ford (who turned me on to the Z1) has a F250 Powerstoke. Some pictures would be nice Too. Thanks
  2. Here I go to the well Again !! I trying to change my background on my Z1. I downloaded some NICE backgrounds from this site. All .jegs. I added a dummy file to get over 100mb like the instructions say. install the disc. the disc is read. comes up cd-rom inserted, but when I go to change my background the import from disc prompt does not light up. only the ones that came with the unit. I must have burned 8 disc formatted in every way it would let me. What am I doing wrong? I'am not computer savoy, just enough to be dangerous. Help please
  3. Z-1 bypass wires

    Coball24, The Bypass does work, Installed my Z1 last week. Watched a DVD on the way home tonight. oosp!!!! Don't tell the Pioneer Police
  4. Rearview Camera Issue

    I finally got my Z1 wired properly . Thanks to Sportsfan and Ducatiboy. the rear camera was wired wrong. He did have the red wire to the reverse light and the purple wire to nothing. Its rewired and working great. ( in reverse and forward with rear view pressed). He also forgot to wire the illumation wire. That sucker is bright at night in day mode. Next on the list is backgrounds and Voice commands Thanks to all. I'am loving my Z1
  5. Rearview Camera Issue

    Ducatiboy, I think you answerd my question. He tapped into the reverse bulb. should that be switched to 12v key?. Yes, the screen is split with map and black when going forward. makes sence now. If I switch the wire to 12V key, how will the unit know its in reverse?
  6. Rearview Camera Issue

    This is a followup to my post, "just got my Z1 today" OK, finally got it installed by what was suppose to be a professional installer. I was having Ipod, Sirus, rear camera and bluetooth installed. first he told he couldn't install the Ipod and Sirus together,(had the wrong harness) and he also had a different way to perform a bypass. I had printed a copy of Ducatiboys bypass since my unit was built 10/06 and gave it to him. Long story short, I use the existing IP bus harness and installed sirus myself(it is working) I did Ducatiboys bypass ( grounding both wires) and the DVD player does not cut off now over 10 mph. But the rear camera only comes on after I first start the truck, there is no Pioneer boot screen, just a message that says about the rear camera view. After I shift into drive and go back into reverse I have no rear camera. The big question is, Is there a setting I missed for the camera? Other than that I LOVE THIS SYSTEM!!!!
  7. Got my Z1 Today !!!!

    My Z1 was delivered today. (a early xmax present to myself) having it installed tomorrow. can't wait. I am new to the site and have read a lot of great post. Thanks ducatiboy for your post. my unit is a Oct 06 build so I will try the after 7/06 bypass. Will let you know on thur. how the install went.