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Music Randomly Cuts Out... Help!

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So yesterday a problem started were all the music, except the bass, cuts out... and then will randomly come back. There doesn't seem to be any reason for why it starts and stops, it just does... And it also seems to have gotten a lot quiter, like 20 used to be a comfortable listening level, and now I have to turn it up to 30 for the same amount of volume.


And also it no longer plays my iPod, the radio works, and cuts out, while the iPod is just no music whatsoever, even though the screen shows it playing and advancing through the song...


Any ideas of what it could be?? And any thoughts on how to fix it??

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first off what unit is it? Check you AV input and make sure its set for ipod and that all your connections are good.

as for the sound are you running external amps or have a factory amp? any subs? More info please.

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