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AVIC-S1 Reinstallation of WinCE and Program

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Hi all,


Lastnight I wiped out my S1 through the service menu and I am just wondering if someone could send me a link, or all of the files that I need to get it back to factory, and perhaps whatever the newest updates/maps would be. I have the original CD and cable that came with it - would that put it back to factory? I was able to reinstall winceimg.bin and winceimg.cks via the SD card through the service menu and it went on fine, but then when it told me to reboot, a window popped up saying I needed mnavdce.exe. I'm not sure where to get that file, or how to put it on.


If you guys think I should just do a different map program instead of the Pioneer program, let me know how to do that.



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