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Sirius screen is frozen and unresponsive

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A few days ago, I switched sources and, upon arriving at the Sirius screen, found that it was "stuck." After the initial flourish of preset buttons gliding into place, the screen is unresponsive.


According to the screen, the tuner is set to my first preset, but there is no sound. Whenever any button on the touchscreen is pressed, there is a beep to register the input and the button lights up, but nothing happens. All of my other sources are working properly, and the unit seems perfectly fine otherwise.


The unit is a Z110 upgraded (properly) to a Z120. My initial guess is that something's wrong with the Sirius hardware itself, but does anyone have any suggestions for possible remedies that don't involve bringing it back to the installer?


Thanks in advance.

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Try unplugging the Sirius box completely (all cables), wait a couple seconds (10-30) and then plugging everything back in.


If that doesn't work, your Sirius receiver most likely kicked the bucket.


Unplugged everything then plugged back in, and it's back up and running. Thanks for the tip.

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