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avh-p5000dvd background changes?

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I have been searching for two days and cannot find any info on if i can change the background on this unit. I am thinking not since i cannot find any posts on it. If it is possible and you have a link in the process let me know...i will be more than happy to read all about it.


another issue i am having if anyone has a clue is I am using the the on board amp and everytime i start the truck dif speakers are working. All was working properly when i first installed it but this issue just starting coming up. I am thinking about installing a small 4 ch amp to use the preamp to cure the issue but dont know for sure.


what ya thoughts...thanks all

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For the background pics it's just the ones they are preinstalled with, no way to put new ones


As for the amp thing...what??? Just install a regular amp for the subwoofer from the remote blue wire in the harness...

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