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3.0 Firmware

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3.0 Firmware

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3.0 Software Update for AVIC F-Series


On June 16, 2009, soon after the announcement of the new X-Series head units, Pioneer revealed that the same firmware used on the X-Series would be made available for the F-Series, as part number CNSD-100FM for $70. The update is available for preorder now and scheduled to ship in late July or early August. After an unspecified amount of time, the price will increase to $120.


CNSD-100FM from Pioneerelectronics.com 3.0 Improvements


  • heading-up option in 2D view
  • Highway Sign Boards
  • enhanced map UI with improved contrast
  • Models with built-in MSN Direct will feature 3 additional channels (news, stocks and local events) and traffic flow displayed on map.
  • faster menu navigation
  • Model year 2009 TeleAtlas database on SD Card, featuring nearly 12 million POI, US and Canada coverage (including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico).
  • change radio preset/music folder from steering wheel controls (with adapter)
    This requires that you map buttons on your steering wheel adapter to the previously unsupported "Preset Up/Down" keys. Seek Up/Down inputs (the only tuning-related inputs recognized by the AVIC-F Series 2.0 software) still perform the same functions in 3.0 as they did in 2.0.

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