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Mods for AVIC F series aka Software modifications / customizations to the interface for audio-video Navigation systems


CMH mods - one of the most easiest and superbly implemented modding system - best for newbies too. BUT READ BEFORE YOU JUMP IN - NO LIABILITIES FOR NOT READING / SOFTWARE CRASHES / BRICKED SYSTEM. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED


Tap Compass to Cancel Route From AVICWiki Jump to: navigation, search Tap Compass to Cancel Route


Using a program like 7zip or winRAR, open the file




inside of your DATA.ZIP file (do not extract the data.zip file)


Find the line


; <SPRITE spr_Compass bmp="compass_bg.bmp" x=730 y=72 z=5>


and replace it with


; <SPRITE spr_Compass bmp="compass_bg.bmp" x=730 y=72 z=5>
  <SPRITE spr_Compass bmp="compass_bg.bmp" x=730 y=72 z=5 visiblemodel="!navigation.has_route">
  <SPRITE spr_Compass bmp="compass_bg.bmp" x=730 y=72 z=5 onrelease='run sc_btnARM_Delete_OnRelease' visiblemodel="navigation.has_route">


Save the file and place it back into the DATA.ZIP file in the same location







* 1 HOWTO: add voice guidance mute button

* 2 Test mode

* 3 Editing images

o 3.1 Navigation images

o 3.2 Other interface images


HOWTO: add voice guidance mute button


Postby brink094 on Wed Oct 15, 2008 10:03 pm I've found a way to add a button to the map screen that can mute/unmute the navigation voice guidance. Only the voice is muted, the AV sources and even the key beeps are not affected! Luckily for us Pioneer/iGo have already created mute/unmute scripts, we only have to add a button and run those scripts. :D


For this example I'm going to use some images that are already available on the avic, you can create your own icons if you want to. In this example a green button means voice guidance is on and a red button means the voice is muted. These buttons are only displayed on the right side of the map when there is an active route.


You can add this code to Data.zip/ui_pioneer/800_480/ui/navigatemap_800_480.ui inside the ui_NavigateMapButtons layer. I've attached a file with only this mod added.


   ; ** voice guidance is on, display green button
  <BUTTON xxx bmp="746_32K_OM-019_32b.bmp#3" x=720 y=280 onrelease='run sc_mute_guidance_immediately' onclick='playsound "!button"' visiblemodel="navigation.has_route&!sound.announcer.muted" USE_SEPARATED_SAFETY_MODE=0>
  ; ** voice guidance is off, display red button
  <BUTTON xxx bmp="746_32K_OM-018_32b.bmp#3" x=720 y=280 onrelease='run sc_unmute_guidance' onclick='playsound "!button"' visiblemodel="navigation.has_route&sound.announcer.muted" USE_SEPARATED_SAFETY_MODE=0>



As you can see, to mute the voice you can call the 'sc_mute_guidance_immediately' script and to unmute the voice you call 'sc_unmute_guidance'. These scripts are defined in Data.zip/ui_pioneer/common/ui/langvoice.ui


This setting is not remembered when you shut down the unit, so the next time you get in your car you have to mute the voice again...


Update: I've added some icons to the zipfile.


Update 2: Updated the zipfile to work with the 1.9/2.0 firmware, added the updated navigatemap_800_480.ui by mikeinnj.

Admin Edit: Need to reupload.


Test mode


A test mode is available for the AVIC series (and other WinCE devices) that lets you access the actual windows interface. It allows files to be copied to and from the device.


1. Unzip the contents of this attachment (Testmode.zip)

2. Put the testmode folder contained in that attachment on an SD card.

3. Put the SD card in the F-series and turn it on

4. Once it has finished the "copying" close the copying window by clicking the X

5. You have now booted the unit to windows mode. Enjoy.



Editing images:


Navigation images


Many of the images in the navigation interface can be modified easily. The are present in the \ui_pioneer\800_480 folder.


These images are a special compressed BMP, and cannot be read by most image readers. They must be decompressed to be read, and must be recompressed before loading them back onto the unit. A special tool must be used to compress/decompress these images. An alternate tool is also available.source


Other interface images


Many of the other images present in the UI are not BMPs in the folders mentioned above, but are compressed into resource files (*.res). An example of this file can be found at LPUE080\APL\Image.res. This file is a ZIP file, and can be decompressed/compressed with a normal zip tool such as 7zip or WinRAR. Use your zip tool to decompress this file (perhaps after changing the extension to .zip) into a folder, which will contain the images.


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