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cnsd 130fm

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anyone have a contents files of the card cnsd 130fm not only changed files but all the contents of the card. if you can put them on filesharing sites I think I found a way to install the update without requiring a code and after that i want to try to make alternative menu for him. on my machine is already running a navigation and testmod and igo 8.3 and garmine but full compatibility is needed about installing a 2.0001 firmware if u want to help me for make this for all of us who have this device please help me to found this card or a content of this card

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not yet, we have to wait until someone find and post the contents of the card.


If you are from the US do you mind copying and posting the My-Flash-Disk contents here, I need them to get my unit running again after failing to give the update someone else posted, someone else posted them but its not the US version so my menu is in another language and I can't get it to change to english.

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