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  1. cnsd 130fm

    Any update? (null)
  2. working 2011 maps & full poi db on u310bt and friends

    Can someone make a downloadable version that works without me having to do all these tweaks? It's beyond my depth. (null)
  3. F310BT hack is real

    So if I have the u310bt with 1.03, I think. Can you help me update?
  4. Double contacts

    I tried that. On a fresh sync there are doubles but only of some.
  5. Double contacts

    I created a group on my iPhone to sync with my head unit, but I'm getting doubles on the unit when there aren't doubles on my iPhone. Any ideas?
  6. cnsd 130fm

    I don want to hack the unit to do igo or anything, but do you have a way to simply upgrade a 1.03 system to this update without having to buy the card?
  7. cnsd 130fm firmware update

    I have the u310bt with 1.03. Is there a hack to update to the latest software and maps?