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AVICnet 2.1 for AVIC F series, working OBDII! Updated 2014/04/30

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AVICnet is originaly a Russian mod which vastly increases the functionality of our AVICs, mainly by allowing us to easily use winCE programs such as iGo Primo and HobDrive. Below is an English variation. Enjoy!

A Few Notes
- There are no maps included in the download below, you must copy the maps you want onto your unit.
- The stock iGo TTS files have been removed to save space. You can put them back in if you prefer, simply copy the My Flash Disk\APL2\iGo\ScanSoft onto your unit. You should have these files from when you initially backed up your unit.

Before attempting install AVICnet make a complete backup of your current AVIC My Flash Disk just in case something goes wrong. You are and only you are responsible for your AVIC! Note I have tested it on a North American F500BT, F700BT, F900BT and X910BT but am not sure how it will behave on other units.  It will also work on F90BT and X710BT.

Installation Instructions
1) Back up your unit! Copy the entire "My Flash Disk" onto a SD card and keep it in a safe place.
2) Ensure you are running Windows CE version 5.0 or above. You can check this by booting into testmde, going to the control panel and tapping on system. It will tell you your CE version there. If you need to upgrade, the f500bt is here or f900bt here. Note this is for a NA AVIC, not Euro!
3) Download the file in post #2. Extract, copy to a SD card.
4) Delete "My Flash Disk" on your unit from testmode.
5) Copy "My Flash Disk" from your SD card to your unit.
6a) Copy maps,pois, dem files, ect from your backup of "My Flash Disk" to your unit. They are located in my flash disk/apl2/igo/content. Primo will share the stock iGo's maps.
6b) Copy Primo 2.0 voices to the \my flash disk\apl2\primo3 folder. Note Primo 1.0 has Samantha included.
7) Reboot. Your unit will auto reboot once more to initiallize AVICnet.
8) F900bt and X910bt may have an issue with Primo not getting a proper fix. This is due to issues with the VSS/gyro sensor. A solution is on post #3 of this thread.

You will notice in the Navigation Menu there are 2 options to launch Primo, Primo and Primo 2.0.
iGo Primo (Primo 1.0) uses a lower memory requirement to keep it from crashing with the stock iGo running and accessible in the background. It is a little more sluggish with slightly lower FPS then iGo Primo 2.0. Hard buttons and sound regardless of source both work in Primo 1.0. Samantha TTS is included.
iGo Primo 2.0 does not have the lower memory requirement settings which means it is snappier the has higher FPS. The stock iGo process is killed to free up memory, which means AVICnet functions are not available. In place of the AVICnet icon on the Top Menu there is a message stating "Avic Net disabled, press to restart". If you tap this icon your unit will run the ezrider.exe file and allow you access to AVIC net's menus. Upon touching the icon on the top of the Top Menu screen the ezriider proces is once again killed to free memory. Press and hold down the "AVIC Net is disabled" icon to do a soft reset. AVICnet and all other functions will be available after the reset.

Note that Primo 1.0 and Primo 2.0 have their own save folders in each's respective folders (Primo and Primo3) therefore changes made to one will not be made in the other. This includes favorites, ect.

I do not have a 3g usb key to test internet with AVICnet, however here are Bagua's instructions as per the Italian thread:
For internet I used a USB modem Huawei E1550 model, but should be also supported the following modems:
- Globalsat BU-353 - LG KP500 - Nokia 5300 - AnyDATA ADU310A - Huawei E160G - Huawei E220 - Huawei E1550 - E1820 Huawei - ZTE MF100 - ZTE MF626 - ZTE MF627
First, if you have a compatible modem Huawei you have to download this program: PortSwitchTool Insert the USB modem into your PC and start PortSwitchTool, selesionate "CD-ROM to Diag" press on "Next" and then "Finish".
MODEM INSTALLATION - Reach the utilities menu and click on "Modem" select the modem you want, and click on "New", then connect the modem and wait until as requested will begin to flash. - Getting to the menu Settings ---> Connections Settings and click on "3 Italy" where you can rename it at will.
Press in the "Modem" in the new window and press the "Update" then select your modem from the list updated.
Going back to the settings menu and you will see that the first connection attempt will fail. - Done This press the key "reset" and then wait again initializing AvicNet.
After the required reboot to reach the Utilities menu and launch "COM Port", if everything went according to plan you should see your modem installed in the COM3, so it remains to do is get to the menu "Connect" and test the connection.

Hobd is included in AVIC net 2.1. It's drivers will now self-load.
The Russian OBD reader program does not work, with the correct drivers the obdII blinks but it gives an error it can not connect. It can be deleted (My Flash Disk\APL4\Check Engine).
Note when you buy an ELM327 adapter make sure it is version 1.4b or above, prior versions do not enter sleep mode when the car is not running and they will quickly drain your battery!
I would strongly recommend purchasing the full version of this program if you like it, it includes many more features and trends.

Running Programs from SD/USB
You can run programs from SD or USB rather then My Flash Disk, this is useful for freeing up memory for maps, ect. When launching many programs your AVIC will first check if the program is on SD or USB first before launching from My Flash Disk. The path on the SD card should be as follows: (Note the SD is the root of the card, not a SD folder):

Primo (1.0): SD\Primo\
Note you need to comment out all lines in the sys.txt under (FOLDER). If the NNG programs are not in the same directory they will not share maps, ect. You must then place all maps/voices/poi/ect in the Content folder.
Primo (2.0): SD\Primo3\
Follow the same steps as above for content.

If you choose to relocate programs to SD or USB you can delete the programs from your My Flash Disk. Make sure to leave the Run folder intact; the files inside are required to launch the programs from SD\USB\My Flash Disk.

Important Notes - read on
Enjoy everyone! Please provide some feedback and feel free to offer any advice on how to improve AVICnet.

Thanks to Chuck for patiently answering all questions and helping us better understand our AVICs. Thanks to the creator of the original AVICnet, Captain Shock, Bagua, and all those who have posted here for their contributions. Also thanks to all who contributed both here and in the Primo thread.



Link to Russian avicnet:  http://forum.gps-club.ru/index.php?showtopic=21574&page=1

Link to Itailian avicnet:  http://pioneernavgate.blogfree.net/?t=3453274

Link to HobDrive:  http://hobdrive.com/

The latest beta releases are here:  http://hobdrive.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=37

The following sites are good sources for maps: 





Change log


2014/08/14 - One small change, with the "map button launches primo" option a long press on menu will take you to hobdrive from the AV screen where as it would not before.


2014/04/30 - Fix for stock iGo, no more crashes when pushing MAP button.

Also added optional files to re-map buttons so MAP launches and controls Primo, low memory stock iGo sys.txt is optional.



Uploaded my My Flash Disk.  It is based on a newer Russian mod. Changes include:

- Igo primo.exe included with working sound regardless of source

- AEBplus.  This allows buttons to be mapped per each program.  For example, to launch Primo just hold down the menu key from any screen.  See APL4/AEBplus to edit settings and for more info.  *Note for AEBplus to work the stock iGo must be running, which means Primo runs concurrently.  There are settings in Primo's sys.txt to limit the amount of memory it uses to avoid crashes.

- Added UK TTS files to Primo

- Added newest beta of hobdrive demo

- Trimmed down the entire package, a few other tweeks.

* To flash back up your My Flash Disk, delete all files, copy onto empty My Flash Disk, and restore primo3/save folder if desired to regain your settings.  You can use your old Primo if you choose, just make sure to use the primo.exe and primo3/run folder from this package.


12/10/2012 - primo.exe which allows Primo 2.0 sound to work regardless of source uploaded in post #2.

04/18/2012 - avic net 2.1 uploaded. Changes include:
- avic net 2.1 shell used (Russian source). A custom mod is used rather then the stock interface for iGo 8.
- OBD drivers now auto-load when the OBD II is plugged in via USB. A newer version of Hobd is incuded.
- The Menus can now be accessed while using Primo 2.0. Tap the "AVIC Net disabled" icon on the top menu to do this. Note if you hold the same icon down rather then tap it will soft reset your unit.
- OziExplorer, Garmin, and TomTom removed. For myself it was a novelty to have these programs but I never used them therefore I removed them to save space. They can be manually added.
- TTS voices removed from the stock iGo to save space. You can put them back in if you prefer, simply copy the My Flash Disk\APL2\iGo\ScanSoft onto your unit. You should have these files from when you initially backed up your unit.

12/11/2011 - OBDII drivers and program added in the OBD section of this post.

10/23/2011 - Euro release included

10/18/2011 - Initial release

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Main Packages are in the links below:






decription key:  mDPWRLHi8ZVnK2S-G-T7sjYM37M8FJ-T0rmSWlqZ5z0




Extras for ryar_avicnet_14_04_05 below.  Includes gps programs 7ways and Navigon (no maps for either) and Pictures_cars_girls for apl4 folder:






AVIC Net 2.1 12/04/18:



Please do not share the download or password here or anywhere else!

This is a primo.exe file which allows Primo 2.0 navigation sound regardless of source: Primo.rar
Note to change volume you must change your stock system volume.

It is not required on the latest upload as it is included.

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OK, here are the steps for people experiencing GPS fix issues within Primo (due to gyro sensor), it is for f900bt and x910bt users only:


1) Update the CE5 winCE firmware image using the following steps. For NA units, use the download on the fx3.1 page: http://avic411.com/i...firmware-image/, or you can use this one: http://avic411.com/i...install-guide/. For Euro users make sure you have winCE 5 on your unit. If so all you need is CE6. If you need CE5 you should be able to use the one from the Italian thread: http://www.ulozto.cz/11020524/ce5-rar . Here is how as to update your winCE as per the fx3.1 thread:


1. Insert SD card into AVIC and turn it on.

2. When the pioneer logo comes up, press and hold the menu, map, eject and the reset buttons at the same time. When your screen goes completely blank, let go of the reset button but continue to hold menu, map, and eject buttons. This will bring you to a blue screen, telling you to reset the unit (ignore this), you will have to enter the service combination. Press the volume knob in this sequence and you will see * signs for each push: Up, Up, Down, Menu, Left, Right.

3. Select Wince Upgrade

4. Select Update SD Format

5. Wait until it says restart in the bottom center. Reset the unit and leave the SD card in.


2) After updating to CE5, flash the CE6 winCE image using the same steps as above. It is here: http://www.ulozto.cz...219-wo-gyro-rar.


3) Copy AvICnet on to your unit. Copy maps, pois, dem files, ect.


4) Reboot. That's it!


One thing to note, the CE6 is not actually an update to Windows CE6. It is just CE5 with a few updates and modifications (such as disabling the gyro).

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Great job! Anxiously awaiting your results with the OBDII software. What kind of adapter did you order? Wi-fi, bluetooth, other?

Thanks! I ordered an OBDII to usb; hopefully AVICnet has the right drivers. I was surprised to see that the Check Engine software also works on Windows!

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Where do we stick skins like Abb's and chuck's?

If you are refering to schemes, copy them to the apl2\igo\content\scheme folder.


How does this doe with BT drivers? I ask because I've seen some BT OBDII readers and it'd be cool to hook into it while I was driving.

No idea if we will ever get the OBDII working, our AVICs have handicapped bluetooth which probably won't allow us to connect that way. I will try out an OBDII to usb unit first and see how that goes. If you have any luck, let us know!

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