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U310 BT in an 06 Honda Civic

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I recently completed the installation of a U310BT in my daughters 06 Civic EX. I bought the unit used on Craigslist.


Because the EX includes a steering wheel control, I used a PAC SWI-PS to provide an interface. There are some good instructions on the Honda Civic web site that will be of great assistance to anyone who wants to update their Civic. Here's are a couple of links that I used:




I ended up using a Garmin microphone for the blue tooth. It is installed behind the small grill to the right of the steering column and to the left of the U310. While it is relatively low in the dash, it picks up voices well.


Now I'm looking for a good used unit for my wife's 2005 Highlander. I'm particularly interested in an F series model. Unfortunately, I cannot find a good source for installation instructions on a Highlander.



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