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Avic F900BT reset poblems

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a few weeks ago my pioneer avic f900bt shutted down for a few seconds and returned back to normal activity.


Yesterday i started my car but my pioneer didn't got any further then the main screen and afterwards it was shutting down again.


So i've been trying to install some updates but that didn't work either.


Now there is no music, no navigation, nothing.


The only menu wich is still "available" is the setting menu but not every app is available, there is still a possibility to change the colors, the languages etc, but not to go back to the factory settings...


According to my "service menu" there is no map available and i'm runnig system version 2.009000 (or something like that)


I've been trying to reset the system by pushing the eject button and the reset button but nothing happens.


Is there a manner to hard reset the system by pushing a few buttons together or can i download the mainsoftware again?


Pioneer advised me to change the language back to english and restart the system, wich would restore everything to its factory settings, but it didn't work..


Thx for your advise!


i'm belgian, so there may be (;-)) some grammatical or writing issues

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Thx Panoria, haven't tried it yet.


But right now i'm facing a blue screen where i need to input a "keynumber" but of course i don't know the right number...is this standard?

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bonjour a tous j ai besoin d'aide je vient d'achete un autoradio pionner avic f900bt met impossible de le metre a jour j ai suivis les detail sur le site pionner les manipulation a faire me aucun resultat meme en fesant reset 

comment je pourrait faire svp merci a tous 

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