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GEX-P20HD Radio --&-- AVIC X930bt Hookup!

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Hello all. This is my first thread but I wanted to say thank you for hosting this forum... I've already found a lot of useful information here.


I purchased a Pioneer AVIC-X930BT and a Pioneer GEX-P20HD.


I am wondering if I can connect the Yellow Fused wire from the HD radio and connect it to the Yellow 12v Batt/Memory wire from the harness and the radio yellow wire.


When I spoke to the support tech at Pioneer, he said "You should be able to do that". I don't like the "should" part of that sentance.


My only concern with this is the fact that the HD radio yellow wire has a 2amp inline fuse on it and I wasn't sure if connecting that, with the harness yellow and the head unit yellow would be okay.


Has anyone else done this? Just looking for some reassurance since Pioneer couldn't confirm a solid yes or solid no!




Thanks in advance!

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