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Z130bt won't accept streaming i-phone 4 bluetooth music feed

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Just bought a Pioneer avic-z130bt with all the bells and whistles from car toys. I would love to stream music from my i-phone 4 with bluetooth. But when I try only the info shows up on the avic screen without any audio. What gives? I thought this would be a no brainer. I do get audio with the cable for the i-phone hooked up, but who wants to open the glove box and hook up to a cable every time? Anyone else have this problem?

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I've had this same issue ever since I updated to the Z130 Software on my Z110.


It's not the phone as far as I can tell. I've checked the volume, and it is paired as an Audio & Handsfree device. Handsfree works fine, Music Audio is a no go.

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